Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Photos ~ Old Family Photos & Pippi

Theme ~ Swedish Rhapsody

From 1906. My grandparents with my dad between them are  in the background. My grandmother's parents are seated and the other three children are my grandmother's siblings.  The young girl is my great-aunt Magda. I mentioned her in L is for Lakes.

My dad's  mom as a young girl. Circa 1890.

I posted this photo in my B is for Boats post and comments were made about the hats everyone wore.

Turns out they were headed for a picnic. The hats came off and everyone relaxed in the grass.

My dad, his parents, and me. 1941.

My maternal grandmother.

My mother as a young woman, striking a pose.

And finally a shout-out to Pippi! 


I intended for this post to be about Pippi Longstocking, that Swedish girl in the book by Astrid Lindgren. The book has made its way around the world and been an inspiration for many kids to get into some mischief. But also to grow up to be independent thinkers and doers. I don't have a Pippi book here and while I remember her spotted horse, her monkey, and Villa Villerkulla, her house, very well, it would have taken some more research that probably would have resulted in another long post. Since I'm both tired and have a couple of full days ahead of me, I decided to give us all a break and share some of my old family photos instead. They are, after all, part of my Swedish Rhapsody of memories.


  1. Love the old pictures!! Priceless!:)

  2. You are so fortunate to have those old family photos. It's wonderful to put faces to our ancestors. I have a few but not as many as I'd like.

  3. Pipi Langstrumpf was my all time favourite show....I still love it. There are so many wonderful swedish children's stories.

  4. Hi Inger .. wonderful photos - and great you've posted them here .. so evocative of times gone by ..

    I don't know Pippi - but seems a good book with some life in her stories ..

    Hope you feel better soon .. cheers Hilary

  5. LOVED your family photos! The kids & I just had a collage made for Bud's 80th birthday. (So many wonderful memories.) He--& they--& future generations will always have it.

  6. I love seeing your old photos. I quite enjoyed Ms. Pippi as a girl!

  7. I enjoyed the photos, so never worry about giving your readers eye candy. I know about Pippi, and anything that gets women more independent, I'm for it.

    Dropping by to check on P posts!

    Thanks for sharing. I like the Native American proverb on the sidebar, too.

  8. I love old photos. They're such a perfect glimpse into a moment in time. I loved Pippi, too. My daughter once dressed as Pippi for her high school theater group. The dance master braided her long red hair and put a coat hanger in it so the braids would stick out.


  9. The photos are great. Pippi is awesome-loved sharing her with my girls.

  10. Lovely intimate look at your family!

  11. I love old photos. They tell so many stories.

    Thank you for sharing these and good luck with the rest of the challenge :)

  12. Coola foton! Pippi är ju en favorit i hela världen tror jag. Hoppas Samson är ok nu...

  13. I love seeing old family photos. How is Samson?

  14. Inger, I love these photos of your family. They are proud to call you theirs!...:)JP

  15. Hej Inger!
    Tack för besöket!

    Vackra släktporträtt, bra val för "P".
    Och att ha Pippi med på ett hörn är väl obligatoriskt!

    Varma hälsningar,


    Hi Inger,
    Thank you for the visit! As 'First Commenter' you get an extra link!

    Beautiful family photos; perfect word for 'P'.

    And it is almost a requirement to have Pippi somewhere here!

    Best wishes,

  16. You have a beautiful family, Inger. Whenever I look at old photos, I think how young they looked (why is it a surprise that they were young?) and how they looked so comfortable in clothes that appear so formal.

  17. Inger, I did not realize that Pippi was from of my very favorite characters as a child...and your family! WOW! I love the photo of your maternal grandmothers-she looks like a very strong lady!

  18. What great old photos. It's so much fun to look at them. The fashions always intrigue me. What was the 'best' was worn for photos - even when I was little. Snapshots of daily life still weren't that common.
    Your mother was very fashionable with her kiss curls!

  19. Old pictures are so special, no matter who they belonged to. I love seeing things like this :)

  20. Så fine foto!
    Hyggelig å se Pippi boken også.
    Hun er forbilde for mange!
    Lotta fra Bråkmakergata, kan jeg huske var en av mine favoritter.

    Ha en fin dag!

  21. Pippi was my heroine! However, my parents didn't let me use that as an excuse for a messy room!

  22. Inger, what a wonderful looking family you have! Great that you have these mementos.

  23. The photos really enhance the story, Inger. I liked this post.

    The hunt for our roots, and wondering where we come from, sometimes delivers answers, depending on who or what you encounter.

    Thanks for the blog visit.

  24. Great photos. I enlarged them for a better look. Photos are a treasure in my family, too.
    I'm going to the Minneapolis Children's theatre this Friday to watch a production of Pippi. Can't wait!


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