Friday, August 3, 2012

Foto Friday

Pacific Ocean 2004

Another picture from that disk I found. If you are as hot as I am, I know you will appreciate its cooling effects. At least I hope so. Here are my excuses for not reading your blogs until tomorrow: Yesterday, we were in Los Angeles all day. It was a very long day and I was a nervous wreck in the traffic. It's amazing how one can get used to peace and quiet and just a few cars on the road. I slept until after seven this morning, walked the dogs late, got too hot, as did they, so I had to cut the walks short. After posting this I have some chores to do around here, then I'm off to town to pick up my new eyeglasses, go to the vet and pick up more pain pills for Soldier, and do some grocery shopping. When I get home, I'll be wiped out all over again. Such is life in your 70s, I guess. 
Have a great day everyone. 

Samson Says: Thank you all you nice humans for your nice comments on my post. See, I knew other dogs do the same thing, it's just natural for us when left alone for a long time. But I didn't know it was called Counter Surfing. That's a cool name, Texan. Thanks Sandra, I'm glad I didn't eat them, I hate getting the BIG D! Janie, I love you, you truly understand where a dog's coming from. 


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