Saturday, April 11, 2020

Amusing Myself

You may laugh, it's OK. I had some fun with this myself.  I found the perfect material for this face mask, antique table napkins. Inherited from my grandmother. My breathing isn't so good, but worked well with this mask. I found to my delight I could open my mouth and just breathe. No one would know my mouth was wide open!

 I don't own a sewing machine, except an antique Singer someone gave my husband, I guess, I don't know where it came from. It's somewhere in the shed. So I folded this the way the Surgeon General recommended on TV. I will work on it some more and put some stitches in by hand. What made me laugh was that it was so difficult to get the ties around my ears. I looked for some elastic, but couldn't find any, so used the things I use for my ponytail when my hair gets too long. I thought -- I have such big ears, it should really be easier to make these things stay.

Then the sun came out. What a difference that made. I get very tired of the constant sunshine during our long, hot summers. 

But after so many days without, I felt immediately cheered up and so much better. So I went outside and took a couple of pictures. 

Hope you are all well and will have a safe and happy Easter Sunday tomorrow. 


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