Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Life In A Time Of Crisis

I thought I would share how I'm coping with staying home alone. 

But I find it difficult to get started. 

When this virus first came here, I was worried about myself. I took some precautions and followed our governor's directions. I have stayed home now since March 15.

As time has gone by, my emotions have been all  over the place. I'm sure your's have too. This virus is novel on so many levels. 

Now, I'm no longer worrying about myself. 

Instead, I'm in awe of the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers who risk their lives daily to help those who are so very ill. 

I'm so sorry Bill Withers died right now, when his song is played everywhere: Lean on me.......

Maybe he knew how important it would be, how much we would need to hear it, to play it, to sing it.

I worry about my niece and nephew-in-law, who are both social workers and necessary personnel. Out there, one dealing with children, the other with senior citizens. Difficult work, worthwhile work, and work that takes its toll on their lives. I see that and admire them so for not giving up, for caring, for finding the strength to do what has to be done.

Much more difficult now, with their own children at home, schools being closed. My niece works nights. I can't even imagine.

Home alone, I've been thinking. As we all do when we are alone. My thinking has gone like this:

America entered the second world war and the trajectory of the war changed. America saved Europe and won in the Pacific and the war ended.

When I first came here in the early 1960s, President Kennedy said we will go to the moon. America worked hard toward this goal and by 1969, our astronauts landed on the moon.

Now we can't even find enough face masks?

And, as the weather is getting warmer, beaches are opening again. On TV you see people, so many people, ignoring the pleas from our health experts, out sunning themselves, enjoying life like there's no tomorrow, which of course there may not be for some vulnerable people because of these idiots who just don't care. Sorry about that long sentence. 

Actually, how long is the acceptable length of a sentence in this marvelous English language? Let me know, please.

On my way home from getting my mail at the post office early this morning, I stopped for a train.

Transporting military vehicles, as far as I could see.

There's a certain war-like atmosphere to these pictures, I think. Hopefully from a film, not the real thing. I like the way they came out. 

And I'm so happy Sandra helped me get part 1 of my transfer of pictures to Google. Part 2 would be how to do it from my camera. 

But later for that.

This post doesn't have much to do with staying home alone with dogs. 

I will come up with that one soon. Meanwhile, I hope you all are doing OK and coping well with these necessary mandates -- all for the common good. 

Take care and stay well.


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