Monday, April 13, 2020

Early Morning Chores Become Highlights Of My Week

Sandra gave me a tip on a face mask that would be so much easier to make and to wear, I add, because no ears are involved. Just cut off a sleeve of a t-shirt and there you are. The most difficult thing for me was to find a t-shirt with a big enough sleeve to fit over my head. 

I wore this as I entered the post office early this morning to get my mail from my P.O. Box.

I saw two people. Both wearing masks.

On my way to the post office, I stopped a the recycle part of the dump and put some of all the cardboard that had accumulated into the proper bins.

It was foggy out, the clouds hung low over the valley. On my way home, I stopped and took this picture. 

Joyce texted me and said she was going to the dump. I know she was asking without words if I needed something to go. I texted back that I did.

Further along on my drive, I saw the cement plant encased in fog and thought it would make an interesting picture. I stopped the car too far away, but look what happened. I love the picture I got of the lamp post in the clouds. I did't even see it when I took the picture.

Also, thanks again to Sandra for your help with the photo uploads. Because I now stop to take pictures again. I hadn't done that for a long time. 

After meeting Joyce and Solange in my backyard and loading up my trash onto Joyce's Ford F-150, I loaded the rest of my cardboard in the Jeep and we all went to the dump.

Back home again, on our messed up road. Charles worked on it yesterday and made a passable way to the side of the huge puddles further down the road. I think even UPS, the last to come down our road when it's a mess, would make it now.

I  stopped in the road to look at the llamas and cows. All with their heads down, munching away. I yelled, "hey, I want to take your picture, look up, will you!" Only the young, white llama did. The old llama is probably hard of hearing and the cows couldn't care less. 

Looking down, I saw some really nice rocks on the ground. All in a grouping. I took this picture and will send it to Joyce to find out if she knows anything about it.

We have both become interested in rocks and rock collecting.

After I got home, Jeanne texted and said she had my face mask ready. I drove down to the mailboxes and met her there. She made a fabulous face mask for me. Her work is impeccable, professional. I will of course take another selfie with it on. Soon.

Have a good day, stay safe. 


  1. You really got some good pictures! I love the foggy ones. What a great idea to make a sleeve mask! I love the photo with the Llamas, the sky and mountains are beautiful. So glad you are doing well!

  2. Glad that Sandra was able to show you how to post your pictures. Your terrain is so different than ours and I enjoy seeing it.

  3. I have one of those molded paper masks made for woodworkers which is one of the N95 types, but your tee shirt sleeve mask has me intrigued. Is it a short sleeved tee shirt?

  4. Gray mist with storm clouds --- perfect photo.

  5. Hey that's a great idea. Looks like your about to rob a bank. : )
    Around here just a few people wear masks but then there are hardly any people up here. People are keeping their distance though. Luckily so far in our county there have only been 4 cases and no deaths. Sure hope it stays like that.

  6. glad you can upload photos again ..i like seeing your area of the state. Good idea on the mask -.

  7. I have ordered masks for Ed, myself and my daughter. Ed then told me he has one in the car. He's doing the outside errands so that made me happy. I'm glad you have such a strong community.

  8. beautiful pictures. XO … a Snoopy hug for you.

  9. Actually the sleeve mask is the simplest one I have seen yet. No one dare say they don't have a mask when it is that simple. I got mine from a site on Etsy. Now days the added benefit to wearing a mask is that I need a haircut soooo bad but no one recognizes me in the mask so I don't have to hide.

  10. so happy to see you taking pics and posting and wearing the mask, can't wait to see the professional one. my friend dropped off two on the N95 masks that professionals wear, she had a box left over from when her mother was ill before she died, and they all had to wear mask to care for her. I wore mine for 40 minutes in Walmart shopping for food and all seniors had on masked of one kind or another, I saw t-shhirt, all kinds of home made and a few of the kind I had on... none of the employees had on mask. one county in FL, about 100 miles from us, is now under a law for their county, wear a mask when off your property or 500 dollar fine or 60 days in jail. this is scary. florida will peak in 22 days.

  11. Good idea about the face mask. I long for wide open spaces again.

  12. Hi Inger - lovely photo of you in your mask ... wonderful people are being so helpful. I have to admit I'm glad I don't have to wear one ... though understand people who do. If I was in London I might feel differently. Your photos look cold! Love the light disappearing into the fog ... all the best - Hilary


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