Sunday, April 5, 2020

Photo Of Gypsy And Red

With the help of Sandra, AKA Madsnapper, in Florida I've learned a few things about Google Photos. I get tired learning, I want it all to just get set in my mind these days, and of course it doesn't. Thank you Sandra, you are such a great help and a good blogger friend. 

I have a lot to learn still.

But I was able to get a decent picture of a picture of Gypsy and Red so I want to share it here. It has been in this frame for many years and is stuck to the glass, so not ideal.

I also don't know what that black is on Red's face, it doesn't belong there. But at least you can see how what a large dog he was and, I hope, how lovely they were together.


  1. yay for google photo being conqurered. they were beautiful dogs. I love looking at old photos of our dogs. I don't have photos of the dogs before I married bob, we never had a camera.

  2. Great that now that I know his story, I can picture him better in my mind. Sandra is such a wonderful help to all of us Bloggers! So many times, I don't know what I would have done without her. She is my go-to blog and computer fixer.

  3. Quite regal in their posing and so attentive. Great shot.

  4. What beautiful dogs and you have such good memories of your pets! It's nice when we have sweet blog buddies like Sandra to help us. She's a are you! Hugs, Diane

  5. Online and phone assistance is wonderful, yesterday both grandies helped me set up Facetime on my Macbook. I had Skype on the old laptop, this is similar, and what a delight to talk, see the garden. a view of a main street in Wellington, today we do the same with younger daughter down on the farm. Old photos, this is wonderful to have them right there, two wonderful dogs, I think the black is a shadow. They are regal as they stand there, a delight at times like this to have a doggie or cat in our days at home. Let Faith and Samson keep you extra special company.

  6. Quite a noble-looking pair of dogs!

  7. Nice looking dogs and look well behaved standing there.

  8. gypsy and red are cute! must be a good memory looking at this for you. Glad you had help with Google photos. I've been using it for a long time now to store my photos besides also having them on my hard drive .

  9. I'm glad that you finally got the help to post the pictures of your dogs on your post. Our pets are like family and it's good to revisit the good memories.
    Stay well, safe and happy.
    Hugs, Julia

  10. They were beautiful! They look like they were very athletic dogs.

    Sandra is indeed a great blogger friend to many of us. I'm glad that she helped!

  11. oh Inger! thank you! and thank you Sandra for your wonderful help in making it happen.
    aren't friends wonderful!
    they are both such beautiful dogs. and now that we know their stories...
    it makes the picture even more special. xoxo

  12. Hi Inger - I can see how much they delight you ... strong animals too - and can quite understand your love of them ... and the remembrances - so pleased for you ... and thanks for sharing them with us - Hilary


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