Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Five Years

Last year, on this 22nd day of April, I wrote something beautiful for you. I still feel the same, nothing has changed. 

I have missed you more this past year than before. I have grieved, I have really, really missed you. 

At first, after you died, I felt so incredibly sorry for you. Your plans and dreams that would never be realized. The dog you would never see grow up. I know why you named her Faith.

Then I made myself busy, working hard at not being miserable. 

Not realizing that grieving is something we must go through, those of us who are fortunate to find someone to love, someone who loves us, someone we get to spend many years with. 

Someone who leaves us before we ever thought they would.


  1. Heart-rending Inger ... but so beautiful - and lovely photo ... thank you so much for posting - times must be tough ... with lots of thoughts - Hilary

  2. That's lovely, Inger. And a back view is so eloquent, a great portrait.

  3. my heart hurts for your heart. I really LOVE this photo. what a wonderful memory captured for even for your heart to remember.

  4. Anniversaries of a great loss are so hard. Wishing you peace and the warmth from lovely memories that you will always have.

  5. I cannot imagine how hard this has been for you. I admire how you have not shied away from the pain but have taken it as part of the process.

  6. I'm so sorry for this sad anniversary for you, Inger. I can tell how much you miss him. I hope the memories make you smile.

  7. Grief and loss are things that never really leave our hearts. We just learn to cope but those waves come around and they are hard and become part of us. Wishing you peace and many sweet memories that will make you smile.

  8. Such a fine tribute to the man you've shared your life with! I'm sure he's watching you from above, and appreciating your words.

  9. wow just so nice what you wrote and i love that image - probably doing one of the things he loved best - walks in nature... I wish for you that he is still here...but i imagine he is still around - how could he not be - that energy and spirit uniquely him must still be with you.

  10. My dear Inger!
    Heartbraking tribute to your dear husband.
    I never saw this photo before... what a lovely memory!
    Five years... Anniversaries of a great loss are so very hard.
    I feel in my heart every word you wrote here and I am very sorry.
    Sending much Love to you my dear friend.

  11. Heartfelt words and a lovely picture. Hard to believe it has been 5 years, but I guess for you it has seemed forever. May God comfort and bless you.

  12. I remember this post from a year ago. You are so wise... and i am so sorry that you must feel such grief. I love that photo.

  13. I know you never get over suffering from the loss. You just learn to deal with it and the changes it brings. I'm proud of you and all you've done these past few years. I know he is proud of you too! Hugs!

  14. Beautifully written. The heartbreak never goes away but maybe lessens with loving memories? I've not lost a spouse, but I miss my parents every day.

  15. So touching. Made me cry - for Errol and you. For dreams unfulfilled. Hugs

  16. A beautifully written post that has (of course) comes from your heart. Grief has no expiration date or timeline because it's truly individual for each of us. And I know that months, or days like this, do bring back those memories and the ache of a loss. Just know that your blogging friends like me, are sending prayers of peace and comfort and love for you.

  17. Dear Inger,
    I search for this post you wrote and read it again.
    I am sorry again and again.
    I have been feeling like you wrote:

    "At first, after you died, I felt so incredibly sorry for you. Your plans and dreams that would never be realized. The dog you would never see grow up. I know why you named her Faith."

    Nest day 18 will be two years that Carlos passed away. I am not well. My grief is bigger and I am very sad and I have been cry so much. I really could not to overcome that loss. I miss him so very much. I think that my isolation in the pandemic worsened my sadness and loneliness. I have also had financial difficulties due to the situation of the covid.
    Well my dear, sorry to wrote this sad comment.

    I would love if you and me could be near each other.
    Lots of hugs and Love to you!


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