Sunday, April 19, 2020

What A Fabulous Show

One World Together At Home snapped me out of my feelings of loneliness and a sort of helplessness. 

Your comments helped too, thank you.

The show helped me see that even if I can't help anyone else, in a meaningful way, I'm still self-reliant. I understood from day one the importance of sheltering in place, of staying home.

I understood by staying healthy, I would free up a hospital bed, an ICU bed most likely, and I would free up doctors, nurses, maybe even funeral directors and others on the front line to help someone else.

But then I got angry and sort of lost the meaning of what I was doing because others were not doing it, others were being selfish and out demonstrating for opening their states. 

This being supported in tweets by the man in the WH.

I, and all the rest of you who shelter in place, were among those thanked by this show.  We are helping. It felt so good to hear that.

Then I was extremely angry after reading that our president decided to stop America's contributions to the World Health Organization. 

In the midst of a pandemic!

It's not like it's his money! Can he really do that? I hate being angry, so tired of it.

Granted the WHO was not perfect, but then who would be with something so completely new.

Then comes this show, organized by Global Citizen in support of the World Health Organization's covid-19 pandemic response.  

That alone lifted my spirits. Acknowledging the WHO in such a grand way, right after what the president said he would do. 

As it should, the show primarily honored the people who serve the world on the front lines of this pandemic. But it also acknowledged all of us who stay at home. And the homeless, who cannot shelter in place or anywhere.

And then there was the music, including some of my favorite songs ever: Sam Cooke's A Change is Gonna Come, performed by Lizzo; Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World, with Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes; Stevie Wonder sang Lean on Me; and one of the best, John Legend and Sam Smith's version of Stand By Me. And these were just a few.

The show signed off with that old collaboration of The Prayer by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli, this time to include Lady Gaga and John Legend.

If you didn't see the show, I hope you will find it streaming somewhere and see it.

Everyone involved showed us what leadership looks like in a time of crisis.

Thank You


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