Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Samson And The Case Of The Thieving Raven -- A Repost

We all need a little cheering up, I think, so I went looking for some cute dog posts. I think this one may do the trick:

My dogs used to speak and tell stories for many years here on my blog. Then they stopped, probably after losing their daddy. This is a post from 2014, right before Errol was diagnosed with cancer. It's sad/sweet to remember even something as common as going to the grocery store together. But fun to see Samson's concern for an old man being robbed by a raven. He truly is the sweetest dog ever. 


On our way home after taking Samson for his rabies shot, eye check, and pedicure we stop at the grocery store. I wait with Samson in the Wrangler while hubby goes to the store. We sit, bored, watching an old man placing his groceries in the bed of his truck after first slowly and carefully tying the bags to keep the groceries in.

Samson: "Look at that bird, mommy, what's he doing? I think he's gonna steal some of that old man's food!"

Me: " I think you are right, Samson, that's one bold bird."

Samson: "Look at him, he's starting to peck at the man's bag!"

"I'm moving up here, so I can see better. Should I bark at him and try to scare him away, mommy?"

Samson: "Look, look, mommy he got something out of the old man's bag! Now that's not fair. That looked like a poor old man, I know he doesn't want a bird messing with his food! Why are you so slow mommy, you should go over there and tell the old man."

Me: "You know I can't get out fast, Samson, and now the man is backing out. He's leaving."

Samson: " Good, the raven's leaving too, so the old man will have most of his food left when he gets home. Do you think he will be surprised to find his bags open and food stolen?"

Me: "I'm sure he will very surprised, Samson."

Samson, changing the subject: "Mommy, why did those girls at the vet say I was AWESOME?"

Me: "They just thought you were a very handsome dog and such a good and brave boy."

Have a nice day everyone, I hope you enjoyed my raven adventure.

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Dog. 


  1. Don’t DO that! Samson says.

    Now I want to go and rescue a dog again. My friends are trying to persuade me to do just that by promising to take it for long walks when I can’t or don’t want to.

  2. Samson is both kind and smart, you raised a good boy.

  3. ohhhhh applause - i want more of Samson talking. This just made my day - that face and "his" words, lololol.

  4. If they could speak in words, this says it all!!! What a wonderful dog, and a super companion, both of them, right now.

  5. wow, don't think I have ever seen a crow stealing food out of a grocery bag, OR a talking dog. ha ha.. kidding, we all know all the dogs and cats talk in blog land. good job Samson and we know you are awesome.. and HANDSOME too

  6. How I love this!! Samson is so beautiful. And ravens are so smart. I am glad the raven got a bit to eat, and still left some for the man. And SUPER glad that you were able to snap all of it and show us!

  7. Samson is such a good boy AND handsome!!

  8. I've seen the ravens go in peoples garbage on trash day but never out of the back of a truck!!

  9. That was one bold, huge and sneaky raven. Way to go Samson worrying about that man.
    You have a good heart.

  10. What a sweet story. Those big ole birds sure think they can take what they want without worry. Samson is a kind heart. We have small pups and Leo so we depend on him to alert us to any trouble when they are playing in the yard. He is a big boy too and so kind. We have seen a few hawks around but hoping along with the owls at night they will fly off to distance places. We do have mourning doves and they are so beautiful in the early morning. I enjoyed the visit here. Thank you for your photos and story. Stay healthy and safe.

  11. Cheeky raven. They are not happy birds, no morals.
    Samson is a concerned citizens.

  12. oh Inger! I loved this! and that awesome little smiling face!
    you raised a gentleman! XOXO

  13. How cute! And yes we have those big old ravens here too and they love trash day! They get out there and peck holes in the bags trying to find something good! Take care and stay safe! Samson is the MOST beautiful dog!

  14. Hi Inger - Samson is just very special ... he's clever to notice the thief too ... poor chap - perhaps that always happens ... a little symbiotic relationship between man and bird. And Samson is still doing his bit ... looking after you - take care - Hilary

  15. I wonder what that Raven has in his mouth. I can't blame Sampson to be concern with that bold thief.
    I seem to remember that post. Very cute.
    Hugs, Julia


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