Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Someone Has A Birthday!

Happy 6th Birthday, Dear Faith

Happy Birthday To You!

Me: Little girl Blue, I love you -- so very much. Today you are six years old. You spend much of your time worrying about me, always there for me, always so sensitive to my needs. 

You almost never leave my side.

You are loving, protective, intelligent, and a very interesting dog. You are self-confident and cautious at the same time.  

You are scared of flying insects.

You love to chase rabbits and they always fool you. You chase ravens who take you far afield. Chirping ground squirrels drive you nuts.

You get hyper excited, you run like the wind, you fly across the land. 

You love to chase your orange ball more than anything.

You also love to mess with Samson. And you always have to be first

You understand English better than any dog I've ever known.

I often find you deep in thought.

I love you very much. Happy Birthday!

Faith: How many balls do I get?


  1. Hi Inger - I guess, Faith, you'd get a new ball whenever you need one ... lots of birthday presents at unexpected times.

    Your Swedish Mummy has rewarded you with some wonderful and loving thoughts here ... but I'm glad you understand English ... because if you started speaking Swedish, none of us would understand ... and I'm certain Samson would struggle too.

    Just a most lovely birthday post on a special Faith day ... loved reading it - just enjoy her and Samson ... take care and with thoughts from a wet England! Hilary

  2. Faith has given you so much joy and she get an A+ for a job done well. Happy Birthday, Faith.

  3. Happy Birthday Faith. I can't believe you are six. It seems you were still a pup yesterday and now you are almost middle aged. Thank you for taking such good care of your Mum. You're the best.

  4. Interesting that dogs learn the language they're exposed to. Even more than one in some I've known! They're great friends. Happy birthday Faith!

  5. Happy Birthday Faith. My, you have grown to be a beauty. Your name was wisely chosen and you are true to your name. A wonderful tribute to Errol and a wonderful companion to Inger and Samson.
    Have a beautiful day.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Happy birthday Dear sweet Faith.. you are 1 year younger than Big and you could be a sibling to him... you have the same beautiful brown eyes and he does a lot of thinking too. he also has the best vocabulary of any of our other dogs... you are smart and beautiful and a good girl...

  7. Happy Birthday, sweet Faith! I really feel like I know you now! Will you get extra treats today?

  8. Faith looks like my black lab, Laydee. Happy Birthday, sweet puppy. May you have many more.

  9. A wonderful birthday for you Faith, safe out there with Samson and your Mum, and love in any language is the best of all.XXXX from a colder morning down here, we really are in Autumn, leaves are changing colour and falling, you will have a beautiful springtime day.XXX

  10. Happy birthday to Faith! What a beautiful companion you have :) Dogs truly are the best!

  11. Happy Birthday little Faith! there is much puppy in you yet!
    and we're glad of that. :D we love you and Samson both! take good care of your Mom! XO

  12. What a sweet post for your sweet Faith. Happy birthday girl.

  13. ahh happy birthday to that cutie


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