Thursday, April 9, 2020

Waiting For A Sunshiny Day

It rained and snowed yesterday, today, and, according to the Weather Channel, will do so tomorrow as well. I have three items of yard art that can barely be seen in this picture. Which reminds me they would be perfect for a rust post

A muddy mess, so glad I went to the post office on Tuesday. So glad Joyce got some groceries for me before all this started, and also that came with the last package I ordered for Samson. No more outstanding deliveries, no need to go to the post office. Life is good when you can hunker down and wait for the weather to clear.

It rained so hard for a while that almost half of the dog yard was covered by dirty water. Faith is looking for the ground squirrel, her nemesis, who lives among my rocks. Samson is probably looking for intruders, cars, trucks, UPS and such. Something he gets to bark at and protect me from.

Even Samson is looking fed up with the weather. 

Let us in already!!

So we can mess up the floor some more.

I usually have rugs there to pick up the worst of the mud they drag in, but Samson got over-excited the other day and stepped in his water bowl, which spilled onto the rugs. So I hung them out to dry. Lots of luck with that in this weather. Hopefully, they will be nice and clean once the sun comes out so they can dry.

Hope you are all having a good day. Stay safe.


  1. We are having one crazy weather day with a little bit of everything!!
    Thank you for all your kind comments! :)

  2. Hello my dear Inger!
    Love always seeing photos of Samson and Faith!

    So nice that your friend Joyce got some groceries for you! Have friends is so precious!

    Hope you will have a nice weekend!
    Stay safe too.
    Lots of Hugs and much Love to you all!

  3. My gr-daughters' dog Lucy has to wipe down each time she returns from her exercise run. She is so happy, but oh so muddy.

  4. That really did make a mess! I hope the sun comes out and dries things up. But you'll have pretty Spring wildflowers this year! Take care and stay well my friend!

  5. I'm glad that you have all you need. It's good to be inside in such wet weather. When the sun comes out it won't take long to dry up the yard and the fur kids will be to enjoy the outdoors again.
    We are supposed to get a little snow tomorrow. I cleaned one flowerbed today and raked another portion of the front lawn.
    Stay well and safe.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Stay warm and dry, and it is good you have your supplies at the house.

  7. Hi Inger - your weather is amazing ... certainly not what I expected to see. I know you prefer it cooler ... but damp and mud with dogs is not the best. Good to know you're set up so you don't need to worry about things for a while. All the best and with thoughts - Hilary

  8. oh yuck on all that mud... I am not fond of mud. of course our weather is gorgeous here but we need MUD and rain... I will swap you 12 hours of sunshine for 12 of rain and mud.. wish we coudl... the dogs look happy

    1. We'd have to swap our dogs too, mine would for sure wake up your BB!

  9. so glad you're all supplied... and cozy!
    the little dog feet marks are sweet. they're alive and still with you Mom! LOL!
    hope you have a good book to read. and the smell of some homemade soup? YUM! XO

  10. So happy you have all you need and can just ride this out. Isn't Chewy great way to get pet supplies and food? Smiling at the foot prints on the floor. Stay home and safe.

  11. Rain adds up to the gloomy mood we're already in. Your two sweet dogs are a joyful sight in all this gloominess.

  12. Not too muddy here today, but cold. My house usually looks the same. Just when I think I have the wet/muddy paws contained, one of the dogs proves me wrong. Glad that you are well and can hunker down.


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