Friday, October 14, 2022

Feathers As Spiritual Symbols

Jane sent this photo of a beautiful feather she found somewhere in the Sierras. 

As you know, my health situation is a bit uncertain at the moment so I wondered about feathers as spiritual symbols. What may it mean that I was sent, well not the actual feather, which I'm sure Jane left where she found it, but this wonderful photo. 

So I googled it.

I read a bit about the many different meanings of finding a feather and feathers in general.

I decided to settle on this, which I copied:

For hundreds of years, feathers have long been an integral part of many of the sacred ceremonies performed within Native American cultures and societies. Such as the Iroquois tribe and their Great Feather dance which was performed to thank the gods for all of their blessings such as land, animals, water, and food.

Prayers of gratitude make so much sense to me. 

Thank you, Jane, for the feather, I'm grateful for your friendship and your wonderful contributions to my blog. 


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