Friday, October 7, 2022

October Joys

Facing the health issues that have come my way, I have a choice of being upset or finding joy in my daily life. 

It may not always be easy, but I want to focus on joy. 

Here are a few of my joyful things for October:

Turkey Buzzards/Vultures

Every October more than 30,000 turkey buzzards migrate through the Tehachapi pass. The other night some of them decided to spend the night at Jeanne's place. 

Fat Bear Week 2022 is Underway:  

You can vote for the fattest bear in this competition or watch the bears catch salmon in Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska , something I do. I find it peaceful, bordering on boring, but a good boring. Soon you will have a favorite bear. To check them out, click below: 

Fat Bear Week 2022 isF October 5 - October 11. Your vote decides who is the fattest of the fat. Matchups will be open for voting between 12 - 9 p.m. Eastern ...

Rabbit Brush In Bloom

I was looking for Monarch butterflies, I saw a few fly by, but none in the bushes. Instead the bushes were covered in bees. Even bumble bees, which I haven't seen here for a long time.

An Early Morning Walk 

An early morning walk in the crisp, but not yet cold, October air is just the best.

October 10

This is the day when temperatures are projected to finally dip into the 70s in our area.


Have a great October.


  1. Hari OM
    Some lovely things to perk up one's October! Funnily, I have just come from taking a look at the Alaska Bears! Stay in your joy Inger. YAM xx

  2. Wow, can't imagine that many buzzards. I am a fan of about 5 who live around here and hunt the neighbor's pastures. I find their graceful riding of the thermals a joy to watch while lying in my hammock.

  3. I'm glad that you are finding joy even during your health crisis. Your positive attitude is admirable. Wow, 30,000 buzzards is a lot of buzzards. The Canada geese have migrated and I've heard them even at night. When the return in the spring they cover the fields.

    I did checked the Fat Bears site last year. I hope your pick wins.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Hi Inger - hoping all goes well ... but seeing the turkey buzzards must be thrilling as they soar in the sky; while I love your rabbit brush - hope you get lots of Monarchs, yet having bumblie bees is perhaps even better. Look after yourself and with thoughts - Hilary xox

  5. I know that we have to choose every day when we wake up and it's not as easy when you have health problems. You are doing so great my friend and I know God is helping you along the way! Sweet hugs, Diane

  6. PS I am watching the Cajon Pass Train web cam just about every day. The sunset last night was beautiful!

  7. You have such a wonderful attitude! And that is a help getting through life's curveballs.

  8. For such a homely creature, turkey vultures are one of the most graceful when they soar the skies above - like sailing! I enjoy watching them.

    I’m sorry about your health issues. I wish you better days ahead.

  9. How wise to remember joy! Okay to be sad, too, but I think you don't want to do too much of that. Good balance. Grace under pressure!

  10. Down here last week some places had the coldest day on that date in October for over 50 years. Snow to sea level, roads closed, schools also, and many motorists stranded. Love the bush and the buzzards. Your cooler days are still ahead. Being joyful is a positive way to start any day.

  11. Your positive attitude is amazing.
    Sending my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  12. I like to watch the turkey buzzards soar. So graceful in flight.
    You have an inspiring attitude. God Bless You

  13. I love the fact that there are 30,000 turkey buzzards around, and I admire that you are choosing joy.


Thanks for leaving a comment.. ~~ Inger


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