Wednesday, October 19, 2022

One Day Last Week


I buy an orchid. I didn't want one of the more common colors, so I was happy they had a variety of colors at the store.

I go to the Walmart pharmacy to get my flu shot. I wait a very long time, so I amuse myself with taking pictures of, among other things, their ceiling. 

I'm stopped by a train with wood posts on top and graffiti on the side of the cars.  

While waiting, I notice that I finally managed to put 5,000 miles on my car. It took me a year and three months. My car should be driven more, probably. But I love it, it's so nice and reliable and fun to drive. And that's what is important. 

Back home, I drive past Joyce's fields covered in rabbit brush bushes, now displaying their yellow blooms. 

And I'm greeted by one of her gray horses. This horse is very large and so beautiful. I had to check with Joyce to be reminded that she is a Warlander, and her mother, who also lives on Joyce's ranch, is an Andalusian. A Warlander is a cross between an Andalusian and a Friesian. In case you wondered...

In the evenings, I like to sit outside and watch the reflection of the setting sun on the hills and mountains. 

As another nice day comes to an end, Faith and I go to bed, I'm under the covers, she's on her blankie at the far end of the vacant side of the bed. 

I would love to be able to say that I then read a good book until I fall asleep, but lately I've been immersed in the Britbox show Shetland. I've fallen in love with the beauty of the islands, with the Scottish way of speaking, and the really good actors. 

And the fact that neither criminals nor police, with some exceptions, carry  guns. 


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