Monday, October 3, 2022

And Then There Was

one more nodule, this one in my lung, and one lymph node issue.  

The latter, I'm hoping, is probably from my Covid vaccine.

The nurse I spoke to on the phone was so kind, she said, "we hoped that the scan would be fine, I'm sorry."

So there will be no surgery at this time.

I'm thinking of my blogger friend who is living with stage 4 melanoma at the age of 39 (see below for the name of her book, which I highly recommend).

She has endured so many scans, so much bad news, she keeps living one day at a time. And recently her dream of having her book sold in a real bookstore came true. 

Congrats Elisa, I'm so happy for you. 

I've read about Elisa's scans, but never thought about what's involved in having a scan. Some are easy, provided you're not claustrophobic, others can be very painful. I had one that I will not describe, which bruised my ribs and bruised ribs can really hurt.

I think the job for me is to find joy in unexpected places and situations, like Adventist Health and Quest Labs, where it looks like I will spend some more time.  

After I cried recently, this conversation came to me.

Old Age: I thought you wanted to be old, live a long life.

Me: Yes, but...

Old Age: You got the gift of old age and it isn't always easy. So you need to deal with it!

Thoughts like that make me giggle. And giggle is good when faced with negative scan outcomes. 

I had some bad news. I am not alone getting bad news and I'm not alone dealing with it. 

So all is good. 


And the name of the book is: 

Two More Years, by E. C. Stilson

Two more years are what the doctors said Elisa had to live. So she wrote a book about her experience. She writes about her life, her kids, her husband and everyday life. It's not a sad book, I highly recommend it. 

The book is available on Amazon. And now in bookstores, yeah!!

Elisa's blog:

Thanks for listening.


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