Wednesday, October 5, 2022

For Jeanne


                         By Jane B.

Jeanne, you are such a beautiful, kind, helpful, caring and oh, so smart woman. I feel so fortunate to be your friend and so glad that we have had a chance to spend more time together and that our friendship has grown because of it. 

I've always believed that something good can come out of a difficult situation. You chose to help me when I really had no one else, at least no one close by, who could. For this I'm immensely grateful, but even more grateful to now know you better and be better myself because of it. 

Thank you my friend and I hope you enjoy the fall colors from Mammoth Lakes in the photo my friends Jane and Vince sent. 



  1. Inger, you are blessed to have such a faithful and caring friend.

  2. You clearly deserve such a friend!

  3. A lovely thank you for a lovely friend. What a comfort she is for you and us.

  4. This gorgeous tree is growing right out of the rock!

  5. Wow what a bright blue sky. Makes the beautiful tree even better.
    A good friend is indeed a blessing.

  6. Jeanne sounds like a sweetheart and a dear friend of yours.

  7. Jeanne does sound like such a dear, dear friend, but I tend to think she is pretty lucky to have such a dear friend as you as well. What a beautiful fall picture!

  8. Hi Inger - this is wonderful and I'm so pleased to read Jeanne is being there for you - she certainly has a heart of gold ... more colourful than your trees above - great image. With thoughts to you both - Hilary

  9. A very lovely thank you for a special friend.

    All the best Jan


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