Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Great Nodule News

Some great news came from the scan I had on Monday. This was in preparation for a biopsy of the nodule in my right lung. 

The one I have been so scared and worried about. 

So there I am, in yet another of those big machines, ever so grateful that I'm not clustrophobic. That would make all these tests a nightmare, I can only imagine. 

A machine, something like this one. 

Anyway, there I am, when I hear an excited discussion between the doctor and other personnel. 

Then the doctor comes around the machine to where my head is and tells me that the nodule has shrunk to half its size. 

"And cancer doesn't shrink, I've never in my career seen a cancer that shrunk on its own," he said.

Then he told me he'd called for Dr. Gordon, my breast cancer doctor,  to come over to review the pictures. 

She came over and soon I heard her laughing, she's a laughing, smiling, fun doctor. 

They came over and told me that nothing will be done now. Instead they want to keep an eye on it, so I should come back and be tested in three months!!

So, if I could have, I would have danced a happy dance, instead I told Jeanne, who had patiently waited for me and we were both so happy. 

A small Starbucks was conveniently located by the hospital parking lot, right in front of my car. Jeanne got me a cup of coffee and a snack, perfect food to break my fast. I'm not at all good at fasting, and even worse at missing my morning coffee. 

Jeanne and I have decided to make this cancer journey into an adventure. And it really helps. 

With this good news, the mastectomy is on again. Jeanne and I are going back to Bakersfield so I can be fitted with a camisole on the 31st. I don't understand the camisole, but once I see it, I guess I will. I think it's for people who wear bras, which I rarely need to do. 

The good thing is, we'll have another adventure. It will be Halloween, after all, so maybe we'll meet up with some witches and goblins.


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