Monday, August 2, 2010

Angel and Me Nodding Off

I got home from town a while ago. Boy, this one-armed steering is so tiring! I saw my doctor who said my hand and fingers are very inflamed, so she prescribed anti-inflammatory medicine and sent me to the hospital for X-rays. They took ten or more of my hand and fingers and it feels good to finally get it looked at. My doctor also said she thinks the orthopedic doctor doesn't do hands! At least he could have told me to take some Alleve or something. I mean, am I supposed to know all this? I'm learning though. Those guys are not getting the best of me!

While in town I wanted to go to the Humane Society for Soldier's license. They are open on Mondays only for that. I kept his rabies certificate in my purse all week, so I wouldn't forget it. Then I decided to switch to another purse right before I left and put everything in the new purse -- except -- the rabies certificate. Ideally, when you get old, you shoud keep your wits about you...if that fails, you need to keep your sense of humor. Just saying.....

Anyway, the vet is not far from the doctor, so I called and they said just come in, it will only take two minutes to get a copy. Well, when I got there, the place was overflowing with people, cats, and dogs. So I spent about 40 minutes there, but I had fun. I ate my lunch: crackers, sun-melted cheese, and cookies. Some cute little kids asked for cookies, so I shared while all the dogs looked on longingly. I met the cutest dog, a Pomeranian, named Sunny. His owner had shaved him and he looked just like a little cute. I also met two Scottish folds, those cats with ears folded over. And some really nice people too. Then it was off to the Humane Society, then to drop off the prescription, then to the little hospital for the X-rays, then back to Walgreens to pick up the medicine and on home.

I nodded off on the couch for a while. When I got up, I happened to look at Angel. It was so hot in the living room by then and she was trying so hard to stay awake. I felt we were on the same page, exactly, so I got the camera and sat there, smiling, as my girl tried so hard to stay awake.

She's feeling sleepy,

oh, so sleepy,

can't keep her eyes open,


nodding off.

In the eleven years Angel has lived with me, I've never, until recently, caught her napping on her self-appointed job as my protector. She always slept with one eye open and both ears alert, facing away from me. But now, at almost twelve, age has caught up with her. I just wish she'd understand how much she deserves a good snooze, my sweet dog and protector.


  1. Too cute Inger! Angel is a sweetheart. Great photos.

  2. Doctors really do expect you to read their minds and know everything and yet they treat you like you're stupid, if you know what I mean.

    Angel is such a dear, those pictures of her are so sweet!

    My hands hardly work anymore, not like they are supposed to, anyway. I can't take nsaids (don't have a clue how that is spelled), so I just have to put up with it.

  3. Love the sequence of the pictures....i can watch her doze off. What a dog! lol So sweet. Hope your hand feels better soon.- Tina

  4. Inger! That is a beautiful series of pictures of Angel. What a lovely and well loved dog. It sounds like you had quite the busy day. It must have been fun, sitting at the vet's and meeting all of those interesting animals, and their people.

  5. Lovely photos! You have been both deserve a good long snooze. xxx

  6. Sleep sweet baby:) She is so precious! Did she hurt her nose, Inger?

  7. Jabacue: Thank you!
    Sharon: I know you have many medical issues and I admire the way you are handling them. I have my diabetes to deal with, of course, but I've been blessed with so many pain-free years that all this pain has taken some getting used to. I hope I'm not whining too much.
    Tina: Thank you -- it was a moment.
    Louise: I didn't mind having to wait at all. I should just drop in there whenever I want some company. Now, that's an idea.
    Tracey: Thanks -- I slept good last night.
    Sandra: Angel has Discoid Lupus. It only affects her nose. I'll write a post about it sometime soon.

  8. Inger, Here's how to have some choice in photo size:
    1. Go Dashboard
    2. Click Settings
    3.Scroll down to Select Post Editor
    4. If you are on 'Old Editor", choose 'Updated Editor
    5. SAVE SETTINGS !!!!

    Hope this helps. Oh yes, vertical photos will enlarge and fit a little better than horizontal ones. Good luck!

  9. oh, Angel is just darling!
    Loyalty displayed by our four legged companions always brings tears to my eyes.

  10. What a beautiful Dog you have and I just loved the pictures of Angel dozing off ~ thanks for sharing those lovely pictures with us ~ Ally x

  11. Jabacue: Thanks, I'm sure it will work.
    Polly: My eyes too.

  12. oh Angel is gorgeous!! beautiful photos! xxx

  13. Great pics of Angel! I hope she got a good nap. Glad to hear you are managing to drive around okay, even though it is exhausting. Take care.

  14. Ally: I'm glad you like my Angel. I have to tell her story soon.
    Amy: Thank you so much.
    Rachael: I'm doing so much better already.Thanks.
    Chambray Blue: Thank you.

  15. My dear friend you sure had a busy day!!
    Glad to hear that you will allow them to get the best of you!
    Aw, sweet Angel taking a snooze. She is such a good girl.
    Geat pics.
    Keep on getting better!! Hugs.

  16. AJ Oaks: I think you meant --I will NOT allow them, etc. and I won't. I am feeling much, much better, thanks.


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