Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures & Things

Before I show you my treasures for this Tuesday, I want to thank you all for the love and support that you have shown me since I wrote about Princess's passing. We played with her ball right before I took her to the vet and she was happy. The vet told me she had no temperature and did not appear to be in pain. Just very low blood and protein counts and all that blood. So although she must have been uncomfortable, she was not  in any extreme suffering and for that I am so very grateful. I think I forgot to include that in my post, so I just wanted you to know. Thank you so much -- you are all such a wonderful and caring group of people my dear friends. 

I also want to welcome lootielou, a new follower to my blog. And also, it was our first anniversary, Princess's and mine as bloggers, on Saturday, August 14, 2010, the day she died. Now I have to carry on by myself. Samson is the only dog I see with blogging potential, plus he is so darned cute...we'll see.

Sometimes when you are sad, it feels good to go back home. This is my maternal grandmother as a young woman.

And these are her Bavarian china coffee cups.

They are exquisite in purple, gold and white.

This little cup also belonged to her. I don't know what purpose it served, but it is very pretty and one treasure I truly love.


  1. Oh my gosh that china is gorgeous. Love the colors that were used.
    Hmmm, Samson huh? Well, I'm thinking he can help a bit so long as the little booger can sit still long enough! Ha Ha
    What's that saying about home.....oh yeah. : Home is where the heart is!"

  2. the little cup looks like a creamer

    Your Grammie looks like she was a very stylish woman.

    PURPLE cups! dark and elegant

  3. I have been thinking of you since your last post, I know what a trying time you are having.

    Lovely Grandmother, must be where you got your good looks! Her cups are beautiful, it has to be wonderful to have such pretty things and think about days gone by. Do you use the cups?

    Thinking of you!

  4. Your Grandmother was a very beautiful young lady. And, she did show her elegance in those very sophisticated purple cups. I love old family pictures. They tie you so much closer to the people in them. They become so much more than names, or stories.

    I think that Samson will make a very good blogger. I bet he has some interesting things to say.

  5. Really cool picture:) She looks quite formidable. Beautiful china. Glad you hear you are doing better.

  6. What a wonderful photograph & china. Samson will do a fine job helping you blog....take care. xxx

  7. you have been on my mind since yesterday.
    The little cup looks like a tea cup to me...they are all so neat, though.
    How lucky you are to have such treasures that allow you to transport yourself "back home".

  8. They are beautiful - do you use them ever, for special occasions ? I have been thinking of you, & I hope things are going a little better for you. I also wanted to say that when my beloved dog Zonde died, the day/s before she was full of life, running and chasing people up & down the fence, jumping on the furniture etc & was not suffering or in any pain, yet when they opened her up, she was so riddled with cancer/tumors the vet could not believe she has still been so spritely. I believe it was because of the wonderful love she had from (& for) us ... and her will to live .... just like your beautiful Princess ..... ((HUGS)) to you, my friend xx

  9. Inger your treasures are beautiful and so is your Grandmother ~ I am sure Samson will help your with your blog he looks incredibly clever ~ glad Princess was in no pain at the end and is now at peace ~ Ally x

  10. I just love the picture of your grandmother and I can see you in her... or vice versa:) Grandmothers can be so special, mine certainly was. The china is simply beautiful.

    Samson, I know you can do it if you just set your mind to it:))

  11. Love your treasures....what nice memories....

  12. Sorry to hear about Princess, these critters sure do get into our hearts...((hugs)) to ya...

    love the tea cups!!!

  13. I'm overwhelmed with all the love and care I have been getting from all of you.

    AJ-Oaks: I don't see Samson that often, but I do relate to him in that funny way you have to in order to become them. To write a blog.

    Upupaepops: I think she was stylish, my mom certainly was.

    Sharon: No, I don't look like her. But thanks anyway. My brother did and my cousin's kids.

    Louise: Well, Samson could teach us all how to dig a hole and ruin a lawn and a few flowerbeds. That I know for sure.

    Rachael: Yes, better. It won't be like after Bandit died.

    Tracey: I'm glad you liked it.

    Polly: Thank you...I feel better today or it's so hot, you can't feel anything much. Except wish for some snow!

    Lynda: I don't use the cups any more, but I did ages ago. I am feeling better today, writing about Princess was the best thing I could have done. You can't help but feel better when you get so much support.

    Sandra: I never knew this grandmother, but she reminds me of my mom and I had a wonderful mom. I will tell Samson what you said.

    Cindi: Thanks for visiting my blog and for your hugs. It all helps.

  14. Hi Inger!
    So sorry to hear about Princess! You have such good memories of her.

    Nice china! Maybe the small cup was for coffee...like a demi-tasse?
    You're grandmother would be proud that you sharing these with us.

  15. Thanks Jabacue and welcome back. I will go and read all about your island adventures now.

  16. And Ally, thank you so much for your loving thoughts for my Princess and for me too. I appreciate it so much.

  17. Åh vad kul att se ett kort på din mormor....alltså min gammelfarmor? Ståtlig kvinna må jag säga.
    Använder du de vackra kopparna? Dom är välldigt vackra Inger. Hoppas du mår bättre i din skada. Jo jag borde skaffa en hund snart, men får vänta till mamma blir pensionär om 2 år....har inte möjlighet att ta hand om en liten just nu! men längtar....
    p.s gillade bok nr:2 bäst i triologin, men visst e filmerna bra, men som sagt läskiga.


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