Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures & Things

Before I post this new feature, I want to welcome four new followers to my blog:  Fiona Designs, Judy's Corner, Callie, and Faded Highways. I'm glad I found your blogs and/or you found mine.---Inger

Welcome to a new feature on my blog. I spent some time looking at different blogs last Sunday. Mostly dogs and chickens and such, but also some that displayed very pretty treasures, some shabby chic, a professional designer, and a few that I follow on a regular basis – Pyrex was displayed by two of them, and this site I never heard of Etsy, that has some gorgeous stuff for sale, by three of them.

So I decided to join in and set aside Tuesdays to display some treasures and other things of mine on my blog. On Sunday afternoon I got creative – so much fun, at least when I finally located a relatively ironed cloth to place underneath my treasures – and took the first pictures. I'm beginning with my collection of demitasse cups. Demitasse cups are actually the only things (other than books, of course) that I have ever collected. And I have given some of them away, so don't expect anything too fabulous or large here.

The first cup is the only modern one, made in Sweden, and given to me by Mirta, my sister's caregiver, after my sister passed away in 2005. So it's special, because Mirta is special and loved my sister so much. And anyone that can care for the disabled the way Mirta does has my admiration and respect forever.

I don't plan this many words for future Tuesday posts. Just posting a little treasure and getting out, hoping you will enjoy it.

Turn the cup around to see a different pattern:


  1. What a pretty little cup! The pattern is more than unusual. A special treasure, I am sure!

  2. What an unusual little cup ~ it is indeed a treasure ~ Ally x

  3. I've never seen a cup like that. And, the story behind it makes it even more special.

  4. how cool-two sided?
    but then again-I love any china.
    especially love hand-made pottery.

  5. Since all your comments were so similar, I'm responding to all: Interesting that you found it unusual. It is so Swedish looking to me. Like what I grew up with. Mid-century modern Swedish design, I would say. The story of how I got it is lovely. Mirta, who emigrated from Chile to Sweden, is lovely, and thank God there are people like her, in this world who will care for the severly disabled.

  6. A real treasure in more ways than one...xxx

  7. they are beautiful. Lovely soft colors that meld to the shape

    be very very careful on Etsy

    I am not sure there is an addiction program for it.

    There is some stunning handcrafted jewelry there.

  8. I love teapots...I'll have to share some pics soon!
    thx for sharing


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