Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crazy About Suki -- No, She's Not Mine

This is Suki

Friends of mine belong to her.

Suki never met a camera she didn't like.  Just look at that pose!

She's sooo cute with her ribbons in her hair -- I mean fur!

Yes, I know, it's Wednesday's Book day but I'm not prepared. I think I spent so much time looking at blogs on Sunday and then starting Tuesday's Treasure post that I sort of forgot about the book. And the one I want to write about is very serious and I will need some time to do it justice. I'm off to town this morning to go to physical therapy and to have lunch with Suki's mom afterwards. It's so great to be able to drive again.

I hope you have a great day!


  1. I love her!! What a beauty. xxx

  2. awwww I want Suki!!!! xxx

  3. When I saw the word, Suki, I instantly thought of my sister's pearl gray cat, but I see that this Suki is a darling little dog! So very cute with the ribbons!

    I'm glad you are happy to get out and about again instead of stuck at home all the time. I hope you enjoy your lunch!

  4. I can certainly understand why you are in love with Suki. She is adorable. I'm not good with dog breeds, so I'll have to ask what she is.

    I hope that your physical therapy doesn't hurt too much, and that you had a great lunch with Suki's Mom.

  5. Tracey and Amy: She's cute isn't she. And has an adorable personality.
    Sharon: I'm glad too that I can drive again.
    Louise: Suki is a Shih Tzu, originally they were the Emperor of China's court dogs.

  6. Oh, she is a cutie!!! No wonder you're smitten!


  7. Oh, she is just gorgeous ! I really enjoyed your Tuesday Treasures post & will look forward to reading it each week. Also your thank you to your readers post - thank you for your blog & all the wonderful stories, photos and sharing your wonderful animals & life with us ....

  8. oh, and Suki doesn't look spoiled-rotten at all! Not one bit!!!!
    But can you blame her humans?

  9. She is just absolutely adorable...that's the kind of dog I would like to so cute.

  10. Ninny: My lap dog weighs 77 lbs!! So, yes, I'm smitten.
    Lynda: I love the creativity that blogging brings to my life.
    Judy: She is a cutie and, Polly: Of course she isn't spolied!
    Tina: Me too!


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