Monday, August 23, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures & Things

I clicked the wrong button, so this got published as a very early Tuesday edition of Treasures & Things!

This is a fruit platter that my parents got as a wedding gift. The set included four platters, like this one, and a very large fruit bowl with the same motif. Because it was so heavy, I didn't bring the bowl with me back to the US after my mom passed away. But I have no regrets about leaving things behind. These used to sit on the wall above our fireplace in my childhood home and looking at them brings back memories. And that's all I need, a few things to remember by. I turned these platters over today and saw that they were hand painted, numbered, signed and produced at the Swedish porcelain factory, Rorstrand.

I have a beautiful photo of my mother as a young woman and I looked for it today, but couldn't find it anywhere. I wanted to post it with these treasures. I really have to start cleaning up my house and getting rid of stuff and locating missing items. The To Do List is growing in my mind!


  1. They're absolutely beautiful. And, what a lovely memory of your Mother they make. I can't wait to see the picture of your Mom.

  2. Louise: I really like those plates. I just have to find that picture it's beautiful. And it's fun to post old photos and things. Thank you.--Inger

  3. What lovely platters! It's nice you have the wonderful memories of your childhood home. I imagine you can shut your eyes and still see the whole room.

    I have "to do" lists too, doubtful I will ever complete the jobs, but it's worth trying!

    I hope you find the picture of your Mother, and maybe hang it on the wall or put by the platters.

  4. Absolutely great plates Inger! You are correct.....time to de-clutter. I find 'fall' is good for that. We are like squirrels getting ready for winter.LOL

  5. Please wait until your shoulder is fully healed and Physical therapy has restored the full use of your arm before you start any heavy lifting and decluttering! It will still be there to do when you are back to full health and strength and it will be cooler up there too! Take care


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