Friday, August 27, 2010

Rain, Wind and Thunder in the Canyon

Yesterday, the rains finally came (first rain since May) accompanied by ferocious winds, thunder, lightning,  and even a fire.

My empty trashcans were tossed around together with lids and tumbleweeds.

Yes, that's another fire in the middle of the picture. It was soon extinguished. And isn't it weird that with all that rain, the sky was still blue on one side of the house?

I knew this morning would be fresh and glorious, so I grabbed my dog and my camera and set out for the mail boxes. There are always puddles here after it rains or snows.

No water in the creek.

Just a lot of mustard tumble weeds.

Angel enjoyed her walk.

While I enjoyed the fresh, green of the rabbit brush.

And the mountain views. I see Angel's ears sticking up in the lower left corner. How funny!

Somethng was wrong with my Blogger this morning. I tried it in Explorer and in AOL and it took me forever to put this blog together. I'm going to do some maintenance this afternoon. So if I don't have time to visit your blogs, it's because my computer is acting up.

Have a great day!


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