Thursday, August 5, 2010

Feeling Great Again!

I just sat down with a cup of this:

and three cookies from the Dollar Tree Store, where they have the best cookies for, yes, just $1.00.

This is a short update on my recovery from the fall:

My shoulder has healed; my left arm is going to physical therapy; my left hand has now been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, so that's why it hurts so, and it has been provided with anti-inflammatory medicine that I seem to tolerate well (for a change). The very nice physical therapist I saw yesterday gave me some instructions on how to stretch out my fingers…right now, I can neither stretch nor bend them fully.

I liked the physical therapy place and the therapist assigned to me, Christine. At $20.00 a session, I will only be going once a week and now that I know what to do, I have homework…a lot of homework to do. I HATE to exercise, but this guy:

will be my motivation – I want to be able to walk him come October. Poor thing, he misses his walks so. While dogs live in the now, they don't forget, and he puts a big guilt trip on me every morning. Then he forgets and lives in the now for the rest of the day.

An interesting and really great thing has happened: My left arm has sort of taken on a life of its own: It is beginning to do things, unbeknownst to my thinking and planning self. Without thinking about it, I'm using it more and more. Yesterday, it reached out for the steering wheel and could grab the bottom of it; then it started to do the dishes, holding them while I wiped them off with my right hand; and then last night, I wrote a whole e-mail, using the Shift key and capitalizing everything that needed to be with one finger on my left hand. I swear, I had no idea until I was going to do it the way I have all this time, with the Caps Lock key. This morning, I wrote an email using both hands. I am so excited about this – it's happening fast and I'm feeling really great, like a cloud has lifted.

Feeling really good, I was out early this morning walking Angel and Princess, throwing balls to Princess (more about her and her ball tomorrow), and taking a few pictures:

Of the sun coming over the eastern mountains. 

An abundance of juniper berries.

A small bird above. 

And another one in a tree.

Princess with her ball.
Princess says:  Please tune in tomorrow!

Have a great day!


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