Friday, August 6, 2010

Princess Beats The Blues With Ball

Hello Everyone, It's Me, Princess!

Let me tell you, us dogs have had a tough time since mommy got hurt. We didn't get to walk for the longest time, then it got so hot that one didn't want to walk anyway and we couldn't get comfortable inside or out.

After a while, Soldier and me felt so bad we just hid our heads and slept the days away.

Then, when mommy felt better, she said I could walk with her to the mailboxes, way down the road..

We started early, before it got hot, but I was in such bad shape, I could only walk to the end of our road, where I sat down by these pretty flowers and waited for mommy to come back.

This made mommy very worried and she said when daddy comes up to take Soldier for his rabies shot, I have to take you too. Well, first of all, I've heard Soldier goes CRAZY at the vet and has a bad reputation over there for not living up to his name: Soldier! And, since I'm such a GOOD girl, I really don't want to be associated with him.

Plus, it seems to me, I was just there anyway and got drooled on---I mean who needs all that? See that drool spot on my head?

So I tried to tell mommy that maybe I was just sort of down. Could I chase the ball maybe? Mommy got the idea and every morning, while it's still cool out, I get to chase the ball and now I'm HAPPY again.

First I give the ball an intimidating stare

Then I let mommy throw it and I run

Then I open my mouth and catch it

and bring it back

Then I give mommy an intimidating stare until she throws it again.

Mommy stopped by the vet the other day and there she met a dog that got a foxtail up her nose – or so they thought – so today mommy thought she better throw the ball on the road where there's no grass with foxtails.

That was fun for a while, until I took a spill and

mommy thought we were going back here again.

But, as you can see, I'm pretty tough, so here I come bringing the ball back and ready for more.

Later, inside, when Angel had one of her outbursts of JOY because she just stole mommy's slipper, both Soldier and I were happy dogs and played along in the Who Stole Mommy's Shoe? game.

That's all for now! Thanks for visiting.

Posted by me -- Princess!


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