Monday, August 30, 2010

This is For Linda in Memory of Benjamin, a Sweet Donkey

"Watch two old burros standing together quietly and you will know the true meaning of friendship."  By Inger W.

It is Sunday morning as I write this and I just found out that Benjamin has died. Benjamin is the donkey in the picture and I think he was just adorable. This is sort of strange because I never met Benjamin and yet I am so very sad to find out about his passing.

I have come to care a lot about him and his donkey best friend in the past year. When their previous owner passed away suddenly, I was worried about the donkeys. They had just found each other and became best friends right away. I wrote the above quote a couple of years ago after getting to know donkeys and noticing how attached they would sometimes get to a companion donkey. Since you can't explain to them why they can no longer be together, I hoped and prayed that someone would take in both Benjamin and his best friend.

And this wonderful woman did and I thought that now they could both live together, happily, ever after. I thought these two would be friends for a long time to come. Sadly, that was not to be and my heart goes out both to the donkey left behind and to Linda, the woman who adopted Benjamin and his friend. Linda cared so much for Benjamin, she has worried about him since his surgery, hoping, praying, and asking all of her friends to pray for his recovery. And that's how I came to know Benjamin better. For the past week, I have prayed for him and I have thought about him all the time and now that he is gone I'm really sad.

I heard that the little donkey that was Benjamin's best friend may have bonded to one of Linda's horses. I hope so because he has been through so many changes in recent years and deserves to settle down and enjoy his life.

Linda, I am so sorry for your loss and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I know how much you loved Benjamin. I also know that he loved you very much and knew you wanted only the best for him.

Your friend, Inger


  1. aww, so sad. I do hope alongside you that Benjamin's mate will find comfort in a new friendship really quickly.

  2. Oh, Inger, that is so sad! Benjamin was a fine looking fellow. Although I never heard of him till now and read his story, it's got me sad. I feel so bad for his best friend and his caretaker, Linda. I wish that life was fair......

  3. Awww it makes me so sad, because I know how the donkeys are and feel when they loose their best friends. The left behind donkey will need a lot of love and hugs, they are such feeling animals. So sorry for Linda's loss. I hope the horse can give some comfort to the little donkey. -Tina
    Btw I love your quote it is so true and so amazing to watch.

  4. Oh, that is just so sad. I'm so sorry for Linda, and the friend that Benjamin left behind. He looks like such a sweet fellow that I'm sure that the hole that he leaves in his loved one's lives will be a big one.

  5. I have noticed similar bonding with my goats. They NEED each other to really be happy. Hope the "left behind" donkey truly has bonded with the horse so he will have a companion. Always sad when we lose a friend. Nice tribute, Inger.

  6. Polly: Yes, I really hope so too.

    Sharon: I wish so too, particularly when you can't explain why it isn't.

    Tina: The left behind donkey got brushed by a very kind human friend today and she will come back and brush him with sparkles! He got lots of hugs.

    Louise: I have known about the friend donkey for years, but Benjamin only for the past year. He was so beautiful, wasn't he.

    Judy: We are not the only ones who need our friends, that's for sure.

  7. Inger, that was lovely. Benjamin deserved a tribute like that.

  8. Thank you, Inger, for the kind tribute to Benjamin on your beautiful blog. The last week was really hard on Ben and all of the kind people who were pulling for his recovery. He was laid to rest this morning. We are watching his friend carefully in case it becomes clear that he needs another donkey friend. Ben made a big difference in his friend's outlook on life. If the horse buddy fills the need for companionship, good. But if there needs to be another donkey in our lives, we will find one. Donkeys are wonderful animals. Thank you, friend.
    Love, Linda

  9. Jabacue: Thank you and yew, I know Benjamin did. He helped his donkey friend get happy again.

    Linda: It helped me to write this for you and Ben. It's been a sad time. I know you will look out for our little friend. Even with another donkey, which is so amazing.

  10. Hi Inger, another lovely post and a perfect reminder of how important friends are and what a role they play in our lives whether we have 2 or 4 legs!


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