Sunday, August 22, 2010

Samson Goes to Venice Beach

Samson sent me this. Since he doesn't know how to use a camera and I wasn't with him, there will be no beach pictures. So you just have to imagine what Samson saw at Venice Beach. Trust me, those of you who have never been there, it's out of this world, and perhaps a bit much for a young dog to absorb.

Samson Says:

Hi Mommy,

The other day, Daddy said: "Let me take you to a special place where I used to hang out when I was young, back in the '60s." Well, I didn't know what all that meant, but I'm always up for a trip and some fun!

So we came to this place and it was crowded! And LOUD!! And the people! Boy, they sure looked funny, strange, and weird. Some guys had painted bodies, some had huge muscles, and others had rings in their noses and hair down to their midriffs. Oh, and the girls! Most of them had next to NO clothes on. And, yes, Daddy was looking! Me too! There were lots of dogs, all kinds of dogs, some had clothes on! In the heat! Some had their claws painted all kinds of colors and rhinestone collars that glittered in the sun. And there were places all along where they sold all kinds of stuff and played very, very loud music. It was sooo loud, Mommy; I don't think you would have like this place very much.

Then Daddy said, come, let's go and look at the water. So he took me across all this sand, it was hot and nasty and got in my fur. Finally, we got to the water, but it wasn't like the water in your little pool, Mommy. I mean it wasn't safe water that you could just puddle along in like this:

It came in fast and big and then it went out again and came back again. All these kids were out there on big boards, looking like they, at least, were having a good time. And if you tried to drink this strange water, it was very salty. Daddy said: This is the big Pacific Ocean, Samson, isn't it beautiful?

Then some kind of police came and told Daddy I wasn't allowed by the water. I thought: Good, get me out of here! So we left the water and walked back to the car.

Boy, was I one happy dog when we finally got home. It was a very long day for me at this strange place, called Venice Beach!


Just wanted to let you know, Mommy,

Love, Hugs, and Kisses,

Your Samson


  1. Samson... what a great first post! I knew you could do it!

  2. Oh, Samson, you are so lucky. I haven't been to the beach. I haven't even been to the mountains. I've only been to the place where the lady in the white coat who smells kinda scary gives me shots. Oh, I forgot, I've been to puppy class, too.
    Maybe my Mrs. Owner will let me begin to blog too. I can't wait to read more of your blogs.

  3. How lucky for you, Samson! We never go anywhere, except the place where we get stings and a thing up our butt. We hate that place and do our best, not to go inside.
    It looks like you have been doing some growing, I think we are just gaining weight. Woof, woof!

    Jack & Jill

  4. Samson you are so very Lucky to be able to visit the Beach ~ but I am glad you were one Happy Dog to get back home ~ and to be able to tell your Mom all the things that happened to you ~ Ally x

  5. Too bad Samson couldn't have a swim in the ocean. Happened to Sophie too on the Island last week at a 'public' beach. Great pics Inger.....what a cutie!

  6. Looks like you're a Desert Dog, for sure, Samson. I loved reading your description of Venice Beach, though, I'm with you, I don't think I'd care for it.

  7. Samson Says:

    Sandra: You knew! I was a little scared myself.

    Livingadream2: I figured you are a dog, but what is your name?

    Jack & Jill: Yes, I'm now the biggest dog in our pack. Imagine that! Bigger than even Angel and she's a GSD (that means a German Shepherd Dog in case you didn't know).

    Ally: I think I'll like a more quiet beach next time.

    Jabacue: Mommy told me all about your Sophie. Too bad she's so far away or she could teach me how to swim.

    Louise: My breed are dogs of the steppes of Siberia that are covered with snow most of the time. That's why I have so much fur. I think you have to be a young and silly human to really like Venice Beach. Like Daddy in the '60s -- still don't know what the '60s means.

    Thank you all for your comments.--Samson

  8. Yessiree..I'll teach you how to body surf on those 'oh so' salty waves. You'll love it....really!
    And...any loons that might be swimming around will tickle your toes under the water....!

  9. Samson Says:

    Sophie: What's a loon? Is it like one of those people I saw at Venice Beach? I bet I'd love to surf if you'd be the one to teach me!

  10. Awww that is too Samson in the little kiddy pool. I bet he had fun at the beach.-Tina

  11. Samson, thanks for the lesson on salty water. I hear my hoomans are fixin' to take me to a place with this kind of water, called the Atlanticz Ocean. I hear you iz not suppozed to drink it or you might bring your breakfast backs ups.

  12. Samson Says:

    Tina: I love my kiddy pool--the beach, not so much!

    Bird: Yeah, you better be careful and not drink that water. No matter what, you'll get wet, for sure, at the beach. Have a nice trip!

  13. My goodness Samson what a day you had! So much to take in. Venice Beach is, well, colorful, busy and loud. Was there once a long time ago.
    I wonder why you weren't allowed by the water. Just as well because I am sure it isn't nearly as safe as the kiddie pool back home.

  14. Samson Says:

    AJ-Oaks: I think they worried I might poop!

  15. Welcome, Samson, to the blogging world! You had quite an adventure. Tell your mom that I got all caught up on her blog and saw the yard work she did and she needs to take it easy & not overdo it.

  16. Samson Says:

    Mommy says thanks to you and all your help, she isn't nearly as much behind as she could have been. Whatever that means! Thanks for your welcome.

  17. It's fun to go places, but there's no place like home.

  18. Samson Says:

    Terry: You are so right!

    Thank you EVERYBODY for leaving me so many comments on my very first blog post!!

    Your Samson


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