Wednesday, October 6, 2021

25-Year Old Otis Wins Fat Bear Title, I Fell, We're Old -- Otis and I

This morning, I stepped out of bed and my legs gave way and I fell. I'm still sleeping in my office, so I fell on my office chair, which has wheels and it rolled, I rolled with it and smacked into a small cabinet, which broke my fall. 

Good thing I didn't end up on the floor. Bad thing, I twisted my back on this short journey with my chair and now I hurt here and there, but nothing serious.

Except the fact of this being a warning signal. 

Except the fact that I need help.

I've known this for some time, I have made inquires. Formal ones for paid help. I will definitely do more today.

When I call to find out about help for myself, without fail people at the other end think I'm calling for my mother. Simply because I don't sound the way I feel. 

Yesterday, I felt terrible all day, but decided to still move on with my day and do what I could and what was needed around here. It went well and at the end of the day, I felt happily accomplished.

I now think I couldn't tolerate my new inhaler. I have another one that I got from the NP in my doctor's office up here. I think I will tolerate that one better.

But enough about me, the winner of the Fat Bear Title is no youngster either: 

Fat Bear of 2021 -- Otis 

(L. Law)

Otis is about 25 years old. I read that some voters were a bit annoyed, calling his win a sympathy win. People voted for him because he's old and tough and a survivor, not because he's the fattest bear in the park. But who cares, he's an old guy, let him eat his salmon in peace, says I. 

I spend some time during the year, watching the bears at Katmai National Park. It's a lot more fun, with more action, than the other nature show I watch every year: The Migration of the Swedish Moose, which is definitely slow-motion TV. 

Check out the bears at: 


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