Wednesday, October 6, 2021

25-Year Old Otis Wins Fat Bear Title, I Fell, We're Old -- Otis and I

This morning, I stepped out of bed and my legs gave way and I fell. I'm still sleeping in my office, so I fell on my office chair, which has wheels and it rolled, I rolled with it and smacked into a small cabinet, which broke my fall. 

Good thing I didn't end up on the floor. Bad thing, I twisted my back on this short journey with my chair and now I hurt here and there, but nothing serious.

Except the fact of this being a warning signal. 

Except the fact that I need help.

I've known this for some time, I have made inquires. Formal ones for paid help. I will definitely do more today.

When I call to find out about help for myself, without fail people at the other end think I'm calling for my mother. Simply because I don't sound the way I feel. 

Yesterday, I felt terrible all day, but decided to still move on with my day and do what I could and what was needed around here. It went well and at the end of the day, I felt happily accomplished.

I now think I couldn't tolerate my new inhaler. I have another one that I got from the NP in my doctor's office up here. I think I will tolerate that one better.

But enough about me, the winner of the Fat Bear Title is no youngster either: 

Fat Bear of 2021 -- Otis 

(L. Law)

Otis is about 25 years old. I read that some voters were a bit annoyed, calling his win a sympathy win. People voted for him because he's old and tough and a survivor, not because he's the fattest bear in the park. But who cares, he's an old guy, let him eat his salmon in peace, says I. 

I spend some time during the year, watching the bears at Katmai National Park. It's a lot more fun, with more action, than the other nature show I watch every year: The Migration of the Swedish Moose, which is definitely slow-motion TV. 

Check out the bears at: 


  1. i tried to vote and could not, i did not see Otis, i got aggravted with the site and left it. so sorry you fell and and glad it was not worse. this morning i said to bob, i am going to take a shower before you go to the Y to swim, i don't want to do it while you are gone, in case I fall in the shower. falling is the number one thing that happens to us as we age.. love your photo

  2. I am so sorry! And SO glad you did not get badly hurt. A member of our church fell out of her chair. The shredder was on the floor in front of her, and she fell on that. She died shortly later. The doctor told me that when i get up, sit on the side of the bed for a minute and make sure you can get up safely. Maybe try that? This bear sure looks fat enough to me!

  3. I'm sorry to hear you fell, Inger! Do you have a medical alert braclet that will call for help? Please look into it. We want my mom to have one. She refuses...

    I don't know the answer to the question on my post either. I have a guess, but am hoping someone will answer it fully. I should look online.

    Imagine a contest where you want to be the fattest... 🤣

    1. I had the bracelets when I was younger, like 75, but I never used them and they sort of felt like an intrusion, even though they were not spying on me. Just there to help. I guess I will reconsider it. Getting fat on salmon sounds pretty good to me!

  4. I'm sorry that you fell out of your office chair. It must have been scary but I'm glad you didn't get hurt more seriously. Like a soldier, you went on about your day.

    My husband fell in the tub last Thursday and hurt his back. He was in excruciating pain and needed help to do every thing for him. His back was sore and stiff before the fall and was one factor in his fall. No more getting in the tub for him. He has to use my walk-in shower from now on.

    Yay for Otis. The majority of voters has spoken.
    I had visited the site before and was quite amazed at the differences in each bear. Each one quite distinguishable from the others. Thanks for the fun link.
    I hope that your back heals quickly.

    Hugs, Julia

  5. I'm sorry about your fall. If you need help with a person in the house, good decision. Do you have anyone local to check in with daily for starters?

    1. Yes, but it didn't work. I've come to believe you have to have a certain personality to want to do this. Joyce, my neighbor will check sometimes, but she's so busy that I don't want to trouble her. I have an idea of how to do this without troubling anyone. I will check with my friends and see if it may work. I would hate to die here, leaving the dogs trauatized for days. I've heard about that happening to pets. The worst thought for me.

    2. I exchange texts each morning with my son. If he hasn't had a reply in s certain time, he can either come, maybe, or get a neighbor to look in. Some local police departments will do a daily call or text, too. Just as you say, so neither you nor the dogs will be alone helpless

  6. I hope you can find good help of the sort you need. Falls are frightening and dangerous.


  7. That fall sounds painful and hope you recover quickly. Medical Alert device might be handy. I keep thinking I will get one. It would be handy for those times you just can't get up. Having help sounds great. Hope you find a good one.
    I'm pretty sure Otis is a repeat winner. Hope he gets something for the honor.

  8. Darn, you can't fall - you have miles and miles to hike around your area. You have goats and other critters to see. So ...that's my prognosis - not diagnosis must not fall again. And I sure hope you heal up quick with this. YOu're too acive to be down. Thanks for the link - I'll check it out.

  9. Congrats to Otis, may he enjoy his win. I am sorry to hear that you fell and hope you heal quickly and do not repeat that. One thing I do, as a little old lady, is I have a tiny purse which holds my cell phone and keys. When I am in my large back yard I carry my phone, plus when I walk my dog twice a day; just in case the phone is needed. You have a big property, I hope you take your phone with you.

    1. I do, I have a leather pouch that fits on my jean belt. I always bring it with me. I'm basically a cautious person, but my legs are giving out, so I will discuss them with my diabetic team next time I see them.

  10. Oh so sorry to hear you got hurt but glad it wasn't worse. Checking on getting some help sounds like a very good idea.

  11. Oh, I didn't really hurt myself. I think I said so in my post. Thank you all so much for your concern. My problem is that there's somehthing wrong with my legs and I will have that checked out. Of course, no one will read this comment as it is toward the end of this blogging day. I may post it in my next post. Thanks for caring.

  12. I am glad the fall did not hurt you much. But you are right, it is maybe a signal. I, too, worry about my pets if something happens to me. I have no one at all to care about me checking in or that I could call, so I am looking at a paid service. The national headquarters for a company that does this is in my small city ("Electronic Caregiver," a really horrible name in my opinion), so I am considering them. I am glad Otis won! My gosh, isn't he fat enough for his old bones? Fat is fat!

  13. I am sorry you fell. IT must have been scary. My mom used to keep a walker by her bed so she could use it to get up. Getting old is hard. I hope you find someone

  14. dear friend! I fell on March 8 of this year. a dizzy spell. I called my brother who was in the City and about 20 minutes away. I lost a lot of blood due to the blood thinner I'm on.
    but after the emergency room I realized I had felt so helpless. and I NEVER feel like that!
    I just did nothing with my muscles during the months I got well.
    WRONG decision! now my leg muscles are like mush! Bob and Brad are physical therapists on the internet. they're great. and I've been doing their strength training exercises. not hard but a need for consistency! I don't feel as shaky as I used to but I still have a long way to go. and Good for that old bear! the fact that he can still fish like that!!!
    I didn't even know that bears live to be 25 years old! getting old takes COURAGE. whether we're a human Or a bear! sending you love and best wishes in your own adventure! XO

  15. I'm so sorry to read about your fall, perhaps it may be worth getting a medical alert bracelet.

    I do like the photograph of that bear.

    All the best Jan

  16. Hi Inger - yes ... 'let him eat salmon' - great to see he won ... he was one of the ones highlighted in my article I read here. I hope the car is finally fixed. More importantly I hope you've found some help - it'll ease the mind ... take care - Hilary

  17. I keep losing my comment here....this will be third times charm! I hope and pray you figure out a way to get help. It's important when you live alone to feel safe. Take care of yourself my friend! Sweet hugs!


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