Sunday, October 10, 2021

Three Trips To Town


Friday morning early, I took off - for the third time in as many days - to our veterinary hospital, which is located at the other end of town, around 20 plus miles away. There had been so much confusion about Samson's medicine, but finally it had been straightened out. 

I'm not good at waiting unless I know why, at least. So I left the vet hospital the first day I was there, after waiting for a long time. And then I left the next day too. Thursday, after I got home from there, I got a call from the pharmacist, who told me that she had just returned to work that day after being out with Covid-19 for some time.  She said her husband is really ill with it.

She and I have become friendly, her mom is from Sweden, so we have something in common. She apologized, but once I understood the reason for all the confusion, I was no longer upset.

Driving my new car and trying to improve my mileage and my driving skills is so much fun that I really didn't mind the driving. Sorry I keep talking about my car of all things, but I'm just so happy with it. 

With the help of the Mayo Clinic web page, I learned something I didn't know about neuropathy that helped explain the sudden onset, if that's what is wrong with my leg. I will talk to my diabetes team about this after I'm done with the pulmonary tests that are coming up. One thing at a time is about all I can cope with.

I enjoyed many sightings of the migrating turkey buzzards as I drove to town. It was so much fun and I was really excited. They stop and spend the night in the tall trees in town and circle around in the mornings, looking for breakfast. 

Many, many trucks come through on the highway that goes through the pass. About 40,000 a week, I once read. Sounds impossible, but there you are. Here's one of them, coming from Love's where the driver may have spent the night. 

On my way to the vet, I pass by the Pioneer True Value hardware store, the one place in town where I like to have duplicate keys made. I needed to have some made so friends could reach me in case I fell or something happened to me. It was a good thing that I had to go by there three times, because the first time I went in, I only had a copy made of my front door key. Completely forgetting that, in order to get to me, a person also needs to be able to unlock my gate. Old age, you really need to keep your sense of humor. 


  1. Hi Inger - well it's good you're enjoying your new car ... and things are working out slowly, if in a little one thing at a time way. Take care and all the best to you and the dogs. Cheers Hilary

  2. i would be happy to drive that goregoes road, minus the trucks of course. so much beauty. i would have done the same thing. forgot the gate key. great idea to get the extra keys. so happy you are in love with your car..

  3. Hello,
    I am glad you are enjoying your new car, I love driving. Especially the back roads away from the trucks. I hope you and Samson are doing well. Take care, enjoy your day! Have a happy new week!

  4. Always a good idea to have spare keys in other people's hands. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the car, considering the miles you have to put in.

    I think peripheral neuropathy is a possibility for people with diabetes. My late husband had it, different health issues, and it hampered his walking and caused falls. Good to get a plan in place with your medical team. And to do one medical thing at a time.

  5. A wise idea to have a set of spare key for a trusted friend, especially when someone is living alone and has health issues. I hope that everything will settle down nicely. Enjoy your new car. You deserve it.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. It really is fun to drive a new vehicle and enjoy it. I love hearing about yours. Part of getting out for me now is getting to drive my Jeep. Hope things work out this coming week with everything you are dealing with! Hugs!

  7. So happy you have a car that is fun to drive. Mine is so old it doesn't have a bell or a whistle:) Still it is so nice to just get out and drive. Everything seems normal in the car. Great idea with the keys. Something I need to do. Thanks.

  8. I want to know what you learned on the Mayo clinic page!! I like hearing about your new car. It is beautiful, and getting a new car is a huge deal. In over 50 years of marriage, we had never had a new car till three years ago.

  9. It's fun driving a new car, isn't it? Last time I had a key made I used a machine in the store. It was pretty neat to watch!

  10. A new car, I thought I was the only person not to drive the brand NEW car until it was so old a scratch didn't matter, but last week I was talking to a blog friend about 8 hours north of us, she was exactly the same, and they got their new car at almost the same time as us.If it was just me, I would drive it, like you, from day ONE, love your shiny red paint, and the long open roads.Duplicate keys are so sensible, and the Mayo Clinic, any help is wonderful.

  11. I hope the Mayo information will help with the neuropathy. I sympathize. I used to be so active, before diabetes and arthritis. Your new car is so pretty and looks like it gives a comfortable ride. I have an outside gate, also, to the courtyard and then to the front door. So when I lock up, it is very secure.

  12. Glad you're enjoying driving your new car. I LOVED driving my vette and still miss it, but certainly not practical for around here.
    Good idea having the extra keys made.

  13. So pleased you are enjoying your new car.

    Always good to talk to your diabetic team if you are having problems/concerns.

    All the best Jan

  14. It's great that you enjoy your lovely, new car, and you were wise to have spare keys made for friends. I have the same forgetfulness issues.


  15. I can fully understand why you love your new's a beauty!! And whatever is going on with Samson, I hope he is alright. He is such a "luv muffin"!! (my blog is still broken)

  16. always love the photos. I would be driving it a lot also.


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