Thursday, October 28, 2021

Checking Blogger Stats On A Rainy Day

I intended for this to be posted three days ago, but something went wrong and I've been busy so didn't notice. Anyhow, here it is:

Today, Monday, is a miserable day outside. Just the kind of day, I was longing for in our long, hot and dry summer. So I can't complain. And we're getting quite a bit of rain from that bomb cyclone to the north of us. I haven't seen rain for so long, I must go outside and let it rain on me. How I've missed the sounds and smells of rain. 

I had a busy week last week and my great-niece, Jasmine, came to visit me on Sunday. Before she left, she wanted to be sure to schedule another visit. This touched my heart. She's 17, very caring, very bright, and a joy to sit and talk to. I've decided to stay in bed today to rest, read, and write. Maybe watch the Sunday movie I missed yesterday. I have a movie afternoon every Sunday. Something new I started this summer. It's becoming a tradition. 

Reading about blogger stats, I decided to visit mine, something I haven't done for many years. 

Here are the results for the past Three Months:

Most popular post:  Another Puzzle Done. -- I was hugely surprised by the interest in this. And embarrassed too since I'm a puzzle beginner and maybe these viewers' expectations were high for a real difficult puzzle solved.

Second most popular: 25-Year Old Otis Wins Fat Bear Contest. -- I'm happy this one was popular. I'm in with love this contest myself. 

Third most popular: Wildfire Smoke Causes Breathing Issues. -- I've noticed that scary posts and those about illness, even a cold, will draw readers. 

In Pages, the most popular was Contact Me, with triple the number of views of each of the above posts. Which is so interesting, because no one has contacted me. As far as I know. 

Could spammers be checking this? 

And Faith would be upset to learn that  Conversations With Samson got more views than my conversations with her. Even though he doesn't speak English nearly as well as she does. But, of course, he's the Fluffy one. 

Then I clicked on More About This Blog where I found where the people who read it resides. 

My blog has the largest audience in the United States, no surprise there.

Followed by Sweden. Now this surprised me because it's never been the case before. 

Then Indonesia, how I would love to get to know you better, but you have to leave a comment for that to happen.  

It was fun to look and I'm not done yet. I want to go back and look at all the people who signed up to follow my blog. There's a place for them somewhere. Sometimes I wonder how those I knew who stopped blogging are doing, are they OK?

The sky was gorgeous this morning. 

Have a Happy Day, Everyone!


  1. Aren't stats fun? It is a great rainy day activity. I am amazed at what we can find there. So Samson is getting more hits than Faith? Don't think I'd let her know:) I am big in Indonesia also but also Russia and Europe. Absolutely nothing from S. America or Africa.

  2. It's interesting to check our blogger stats. There's lot to find out there.

    Could it be that Conversations with Samson gets more views because he's older and he has some health issues. Followers are sympathetic.

    Here, it's cold and the north wind has been blowing for several days. I went to clean out some flowerbeds but after a few hours, I had to come in to warm up.

    Enjoy your rest.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. beautiful sky and so glad you got your rain, it will help all the wild life and help with fire danger. we got rain today but needed 3 inches and got 1 but it was fantastic to hear it come down, we also got 3 sirens from our weather radio, but the 3 tornados were 17 milse south of us, 40 and 50 miles north. so nothing bad for us. ours are small and come off the gulf but they do a lot of damage for short spaces. good idea for the sunday movie and poking around in the stats. i have only checked mine about 4 or 5 times since 2009

  4. I know, the bloggers I used to feel so close to -- gone, POOF! Some I see on FB and they are unrecognizable, postings memes and jokes and never any real connection. Sad! Glad you got rain. I know how that is!

  5. It's fun to check out the blog stats and I do it every so often.
    I've been blogging for quite a while and have seen many people come and go.

  6. Interesting stats, and you've motivated me to look at my own stats. I didn't even know some of that information is available! Where I live (Orange County) we got very little rain. Less than 1/2". Really wish we would have gotten more.

  7. I was amazed when I read my stats.

  8. Hi Inger - I hope you got outside and felt, and smelt that wonderful rain ... fun to look at the stats ... just not for me, but I'd join you for the Sunday movie afternoon. Take care - cheers Hilary

  9. Pretty sky shot. I would have thought Samson and Faith conversations would be equally popular. I am so glad you had some much needed rain there. I have never checked my stats, I should look it up. Take care, enjoy your day! Happy weekend!

  10. gosh. it's been so long since I had a blog that I'd forgotten about stats.
    the Captain set mine up in Word Press and gave it to me as a gift.
    it was way back in 2012. I learned as I went along! I had often wished it were Blogger.
    I love your new Sunday afternoon movie tradition. and RAIN! I love everything about it.
    we don't get nearly enough of if here. so every drop is treasured by me.
    I'm like an old dog. if I can make it through the lonnnnngggg hot dry summer here...
    I'm usually good for another year! LOL! xoxo

  11. Beautiful pictures! And beautiful Samson, says Gracie.

  12. Fun post to read - I never thought about checking those things. I might have to try it


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