Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Stormy Weather And Opera

High winds hit our area Monday, howlig and whistling around the corners of my house, stirring up the dry sand and soil mixture that covers my front and back yards.

Needless to say, the dogs and I stayed in the house. When my German shepherd, Angel, was alive, our windows were not as good as the new ones I had installed, so the wind noice was  much louder. How she would sing and howl, my sweet angel dog. 

I'm not fond of high winds either. I had plans to get some much needed work done Monday, in an attempt to start the week off right. But I just couldn't concentrate, so I looked through my CDs and played some operas.

I listened to Tosca, Jane told me recently how much she likes it, so I wanted to listen again. Then Rigoletto, which is my favorite opera, and, finally, La traviata. I listened to all of them in their entirety. 

After that, I listened to one of my favorite jazz CDs, April in Paris, with Charlie Parker. 

I don't play enough jazz these days. And what's happened to jazz? I'm as guilty as anyone to have stopped listening. 

But I will remedy that. It was such a beautiful experience, listening to a sad genius playing gorgeous music. 

So that was my day. Nothing got done, but it ended up being a lovely day, wind and all.

The storm continued after I went to bed. As I turned the lights out, Samson came in the bedroom a couple of times. I let him out to do his business. He didn't seem very disturbed by the wind, he's a calm dog. But I think, that like me, he just didn't like it. So I gave him one of his calming pills and he soon went to sleep.  

As did Faith and I.


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