Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Stormy Weather And Opera

High winds hit our area Monday, howlig and whistling around the corners of my house, stirring up the dry sand and soil mixture that covers my front and back yards.

Needless to say, the dogs and I stayed in the house. When my German shepherd, Angel, was alive, our windows were not as good as the new ones I had installed, so the wind noice was  much louder. How she would sing and howl, my sweet angel dog. 

I'm not fond of high winds either. I had plans to get some much needed work done Monday, in an attempt to start the week off right. But I just couldn't concentrate, so I looked through my CDs and played some operas.

I listened to Tosca, Jane told me recently how much she likes it, so I wanted to listen again. Then Rigoletto, which is my favorite opera, and, finally, La traviata. I listened to all of them in their entirety. 

After that, I listened to one of my favorite jazz CDs, April in Paris, with Charlie Parker. 

I don't play enough jazz these days. And what's happened to jazz? I'm as guilty as anyone to have stopped listening. 

But I will remedy that. It was such a beautiful experience, listening to a sad genius playing gorgeous music. 

So that was my day. Nothing got done, but it ended up being a lovely day, wind and all.

The storm continued after I went to bed. As I turned the lights out, Samson came in the bedroom a couple of times. I let him out to do his business. He didn't seem very disturbed by the wind, he's a calm dog. But I think, that like me, he just didn't like it. So I gave him one of his calming pills and he soon went to sleep.  

As did Faith and I.


  1. I need a calming pill when high winds blow, Beau and Bob just sleep through it, I pace the floor waiting for it to leave. I did not know you like opera, it is not my thing, but I know a few people that do love it... glad you are safe enough to do a post. hope the danger is gone now

  2. Hello,
    The high wind makes me nervous, I worry about the trees coming down around our house.
    I am glad Samson is a calm dog. Stay safe and take care! Have a happy day!

  3. Inger, I remember Angel...reading about her. I think you were one of the first bloggers I followed back in 2010 when I started blogging and lived in VA!! Although I don't know much about opera, nor have I ever been to the opera, all music soothes me in one way or another...including

  4. I can't sleep in heavy rain storm or in heavy wind. I get restless and want quiet and calm. I use my Magic Bag and it helps me to relax a little.

    It looks very windy and sandy at your place. That sand must be hard animals.

    I'm glad that you all slept well even with the heavy wind storm.

    Stay well and safe.

  5. I get scared by storms and heavy rains. Winter is approaching, so who knows what it'll bring with it in this era of climate change.
    Opera is my 'cup of tea' too; it certainly helps feeling better during stormy weather.

  6. I haven't listened to an opera in a long time. Or jazz, and I'm from New Orleans. We got your winds yesterday. Very strong, low visibility, and disturbing to many! The trees thrashed around horribly and the air was absolutely filthy. I think the COVID scare really did a number on the music scene, and will continue to impact it negatively until memories fade and the habit of live music comes back. I know our mariachis here have really suffered, with both musicians and listeners having decided not to participate in live events.

  7. Those winds sounded worrisome. Smart to stay in and I think I might have joined Samson in a calming pill:)

  8. You chose wisely how to use your time. My Mom was an opera fan and used to take me as a young kid. I didn't inherit her love fir the form, but other music is important to me.

    I think I liked jazz best in a group. Nowadays not so much.

  9. I bet those high winds really stir up the sand. Good idea to stay inside.
    Not an opera fan.

  10. I bet the opera really helped Samson and Faith's nerves, as then they could not hear the wind as much.

  11. We had wind last night. Lost our power for about 12 hours. I don't like the wind. But I love your solution. It sounds like a lovely day!

  12. The wind blowing the dust makes me think of Dust Bowl photos I've seen.


  13. What a wonderful day you had and i love the photos as I always do of your area. Thank you for mentioning these artists..opera, jazz etc. While in the shower the thought of Neil Diamond came to me singing Holly Holy .... which I wanted to be reminded of to look it up when i got on the internet and then I come here and now I'm reminded. thank you very much Missy Inger.

  14. Hi Inger - just the right sort of activities to match the weather. Sounds wonderful ... delightful read - cheers Hilary


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