Monday, October 25, 2021

Conversations With Faith


Faith: Who's that pretty dog?

Me: Her name is Lilli and she lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Faith: That's very far away, isn't it?

Me: Yes, it is.

Faith: What breed of dog is she?

Me: She's an English cocker spaniel. 

Faith: Are they hunting dogs?

Me: Yes, they were bred to hunt the Eurasian woodcock, which lives in England.

Faith: Phew, that's a lot to absorb. So do we have an American version of the cocker spaniel?

Me: Yes, we do. Our American cocker spaniel looks different, smaller than the English, and was bred to be a family pet. The American cocker has less prey drive than the English version.

Faith: Do I have any prey drive?

Me: You sure do, you're always chasing rabbits and ravens, even though they always outmaneuver you.

Faith: Let's change the subject. What's that under Lilli's head?

Me: Looks like some sort of pillow. 

Faith: So dogs in Denmark get pillows?

Me: Lilli has one, maybe it belongs to her mommy. 

Faith: But you don't know. 

Me: No.

Faith: You better stop writing about things you don't know or you may get in trouble.

Me: Maybe if you stopped asking so many questions.

Faith: Can I have a pillow?

Me: Why? You have your very own soft blankie. You have three or four very soft blankies, actually. I think that's enough.

Faith: You are right, I think I would get a crick in my neck if I had a pillow. 

Faith to herself: Bred this way, bred that way, it's criminal how they play around with us dogs. Some breeds are so fancy and full of themselves even though they are absolutely useless, all they do is get cuddled by their owers. I'm sure they all have pillows to put their heads on. 

Breed one this way, another that way, if humans aren't careful, they may breed a MONSTER dog by mistake. 

Me: Did you say something?

Faith: No, mommy. Good night.

Me: Good night, sweet dog of mine. Love you.

Faith: Love you too.


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