Friday, October 15, 2021

Conversations With Samson


Me: Good morning, Samson. How are you this morning?

Samson: Woof, woof!

Me: You are smiling, must mean you're fine.

Samson: Woof!

Me: You're looking kind of dirty. I've asked Mark, the nice helper man, to come and help me brush you.

Samson: Woof, woof, woof, great!

Me: Why do you look like that now? Ears back and everything? 

Samson: Woof, woooooof, woooooooof, hungry!

Me: You're always hungry and now you're so fat, you're going on a diet.

Samson: Woooooooooooooooof! Oh, no, I'm just fattening up for the winter. I'm nowhere near as fat as those big bears you had pictures of. Nowhere near!

Me: But they don't eat anything until spring. That's why they have to get so fat. They hibernate, go into a den and sort of sleep until spring.

Samson: Woof, I mostly sleep all day long too. Wooofhy, because someone I know is too busy to take me for my long walks. 

Me: I'm sorry about that, but someone you know can't walk very well right now. And someone you know feeds you three meals a day.

Samson: I'd be thinner if I walked more.

Me: True. -------- And ate less!

Samson: Woooooooooooe is me......


Samson is the barker in the family and not as well versed in English as Faith. 

But he's my snuggle dog, my Fluffmonster (as Theresa in Texas, who's no longer blogging, so appropriately named him, years ago) and the sweetest, kindest old dog, I've ever known.


  1. what a wonderful Fluffmonster to have! and all the Woofy conversations too.
    he has his own very special place in your heart! and ours too! XO

  2. Samsung you should tell your mom that Dad is not fat is all fur and then when Mark gets through brush and all that fur off you'll look much thinner. You are indeed a beautiful flop monster

  3. So sweet! 🥲 He loves you very much.

  4. Samson you are a beautiful fluff monster but also a beautiful flop on the floor monster. i need to start proof reading

  5. I can tell Samson is a fine soul. His face makes me smile!

  6. Such a handsome fellow and love that Sammy Smile. No one including good natured dogs like diets but sometimes they are necessary big fellow. You can do it.

  7. I like seeing Samson and especially when he has a conversation. He doesn't look fat at all. I think it's all fur. He'll probably look fatter when his fur is brushed and fluffed up. He's still a good looking boy.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. Cute dog and conversation!
    Dogs too get fat, need to diet, and take a walk. Like us, humans, they don't like to diet, they want to enjoy food.

  9. Dear Inger, as you and Mr. Fluffmonster, alias Samson, grow older together, it's clear you now understand one another's lingo! What a blessing your two are to one another. Peace.

  10. Awww, I love listening in to your comversation!!

  11. Samson could always walk laps around the house on his own. :)

  12. Fluffmonster!! Do I ever like that moniker. He's a lovely, sweet canine.

    Happy weekend Inger.

  13. That Fluffmonster is a great conversationalist!


  14. Hello,
    Samson is so cute, he does look extra fluffy. Adorable photos and conversation.
    Have a happy day!

  15. He absolutely looks like the most kindest dog around. I love it when you and he talk and straighten things out so that he is happy. lol

  16. Samson, Gracie says to tell your mom you're not fat, you're fluffy!

  17. Inger, For some reason I am still having such a hard time commenting on your blog. I pull out my laptop every now and again and it lets me make small comments.

  18. But If I write too many words in one comment box it is deleted before I can publish.

  19. So forgive me for all these small comments. Thank you for the sweet words about Summer. Summer is 'that girl' who would never hurt anyone and always is a comforting friend to others when they are bullied or treated badly. She is the girl who will go out of her way in order to help someone and make them feel better.
    She is indeed special, and I don't believe she has one enemy. Your comment was truly appreciated.

  20. And Samson, Gracie used to be a barker as well! She has calmed a lot since she does not see or hear well. But, when it is time to come in from outside, she will let out her demanding Woof!

  21. Hi Inger and Samson, Faith: I haven't forgotten you - and it's so good to see you all - you'll feel really clean and tidy, and perhaps look a little thinner once Mark has been to help. Take care of each other - with thoughts - Hilary

  22. Well, I certainly enjoyed the conversation and photographs.

    Take care, and have a good new week.

    All the best Jan

  23. I like the expression "Fluffmonster" for this beautiful dog. Snuggle dog - that is lovely, too! He looks like a very sweet dog - and I like your conversation with him.


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