Friday, October 8, 2021

Rabbitbrush Turns The Canyon Yellow


and Jeanne captured some amazing insects in hers:

Monarch Butterfly

Tarantula Hawk

Thank you, Jeanne.

The above are from my yard and the pictures below are of Joyce's fields.

Here in the canyon, rabbitbrush blooms from mid-to-late September into October.  They always make me happy because when they begin to bloom it means our long hot summer is over with. 

Rabbits don't eat the bushes, one site I looked at said that jack rabbits do. Here rabbits live among the rabbitbrush, as do many other small critters. Native Americans used rabbitbrush for yellow dye, to make medicinal tea, and as a chewing gum. If you like more information, please click on the link below.


Thank you all so much for your concern after I posted that I fell. I hope I said I wasn't injured much, and that I didn't even land on the floor. 

I do carry my phone with me in a leather pouch that attaches to my belt. This doesn't work at night or first thing in the morning, of course. But when I walk outside, yes, and also in the house.

I tried those Medic Alert type companies, three different ones, I believe.  And I never felt comfortable with their devices in my house. This is not like me, I'm a rational person, so I have no idea why they sort of creeped me out. So after spending between $400 - $500 in annual fees with three different companies, so between $1,200 and $1,500, I gave up on trying to get used to them. It's not like me, so I have no explanation. And I agree, they are a very good idea for someone like me. But I have another idea I may try.

Thanks for caring, you are the best!


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