Saturday, October 2, 2021

Honda, High Desert Driving, Fat Bear Week Ends


After the sun/moon roof on my new Honda mysteriously opened on its own and then could not be closed all the way, I had to take it to Honda, Lancaster. After a while it was clear this would be an all-day affair. Fortunately, my relatives were home and could come and pick me up. I took this picture while waiting for Kenny to get us a Subway lunch. I could have lightened it up, but I like the spooky atmosphere of the dark, spiky trees, so I left it alone.

Honda had to keep my car and gave me a Honda Accord as a loaner. A car, as opposed to an SUV. What a difference it made for me: My bad right hip acted up, my right leg got numb, I was lucky to be able to move my foot from the gas to the break pedal. Being tall, I much prefer the seating in my old Jeep, pickup truck, van, or the Honda SUV to a small car.

Because of road work on the freeway, I took Sierra Highway, which runs parallel to the freeway, part of the way home. This also made me able to stop a few times and take pictures. As you can see, there's actually light colored sand in this high desert. But mostly it's full of rabbit brush and other low growing vegetation, as well as the occational tree.

I took this picture of Soledad mountain, which was mined for silver, then more recently for gold. I don't know if they are still mining there. If they are, I wish they would just leave the mountain alone.  

Finally, Fat Bear Week just ended in Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska. People go online and vote for their favorite Fat Bear. I don't, but I like to check in on them. 

I'm so in love with their chubbiness. 

The above bear is number 409 Beadnose. I'm rooting for number 131 Marshmallow, a lovely golden bear. The winner will be announced on Fat Bear Tuesday, which is this coming Tuesday.

The Washington Post will announce the winner, so I will be able to  show him or her off in all their Fat Bear glory soon.  



  1. Hello,
    Sorry about your Honda SUV, I hope the problem is fixed soon. Pretty views from the highway, except to see the mining area. The bear is so cute and fat...Have a great weekend!

  2. I hope they fix your roof too and it doesn't give your troubles again. I'll check out the fat funny!

  3. I looked at the neat that website is! I picked #132 as my favorite followed closely by 131! I sure love seeing them all!

    1. 131 is my favorite, but I think she's too young to win. She's cute though. No. 132 looks like a good choice.

  4. Sure hope they fix your roof soon and reasonably.
    I hadn't thought about it but bears would be fat this time of year as they load up for hibernation. Ah to have overeating being a sign of intelligent design as opposed to gluttony. Hard to believe the difference in the bears from July to Sept. Wow.

  5. Like you, Hugh does not like low cars at all. The higher ones are so much easier to get in and out of, the seats are better designed, hope your trusty steed is back very soon. The mountain, looks like silver or snow at the back, maybe a different soil colour at the front.

  6. It's rather frustrating having a problem with a new car, but these things happen.
    It shall pass, and the roof will be fixed in no time.

    Great pictures of the road, The Soledad mountain , and the bear!

  7. When I read your post, Inger, and got to the photo of that very pudgy bear, I thought you saw it on your way home!!! Good thing he’s not near you and several hundred miles away!!!….jp

  8. Hope you get your car back soon.
    The landscape is so different from what I'm used to but beautiful.
    That is one huge fat bear.

  9. Wow, I have never seen mountains look white like this! I guess it is the white sand, like you said. It almost looks like snow! I know what you mean about it being panful to have a regular sedan! that is why we had to get an SUV.

  10. Oh such beautiful pictures of the desert. I am looking forward to seeing how the fat bear voting turns out.

  11. Last year a bear called "Holly" won. Of course, I had to vote for my namesake, and I think we're about the same poundage!

  12. I know what you mean - i would rather get in the jeep than in our Toyota Solaro. I'm tall so it's much easier. Fat Bear - i have read about it but not looked at photos which i will have to do.

  13. I love FAT bears too!!!!! I hope that your car situation gets straightened out!

  14. I hope you get your car back soon ...

    I like the name Marshmallow :)
    Here's hoping your favourite number 131 will win.

    All the best Jan

  15. Hi Inger - I've been without connectivity ... love the names of the various bears - they had an article here with a couple of photos and details about the Katmai wilderness ... fun post to read - cheers Hilary


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