Monday, March 14, 2022

Palm Trees, Spring Flowers And Good News


I needed to have a bone density scan, so last week, Jasmine drove me to Bakersfield.

Since my pulmonary NP told me I have a broken bone in my spine, I've been a bit concerned. 

As it turned out, all is well, or well enough for me to be very happy! 

The day after my test, my doctor's office called and said I have osteopenia. I've had that for about ten years, so it hasn't progressed. Must be all the yogurt I eat, plus the calcium and D3. I'm so happy, I was worried. So happy, in fact, that I forgot to ask about the broken bone. Will do that later.

I had such a nice time with Jasmine. I forgot to bring something to eat. Which wasn't good since I would miss my lunch. So Jasmine found a Vons store and bought the best yogurt for me. It was half full of fresh fruit and tasted so good. 

I hope this was the last medically necessary trip for a long time. But it was a nice trip, fields of spring flowers lined the highway as we got closer to the valley below.  

I took this on our way home, I should have pulled the window all the way down, as you can see, I didn't. Spring flowers around here are so awesome. 

Soon we were in the mountains and I was almost home, while Jasmine had to drive another 50 miles or so to get home. 

She's been a great help and I've enjoyed spending time with her. A caring, smart and thoughtful young woman. 


  1. Hi Inger - as you so rightly say a lovely caring woman, who is helping you so much. Then the results - what a relief ... so pleased for you. Enjoy Spring springing - and keep walking! Cheers - Hilary

  2. So happy for the good news and you saw so much beauty, the good news is, you took photos, you got them in the chromebook and onto this post. those fields of flowers are amazing... I did not realize she is 50 miles from you, that makes her even more wonderful to come and help when you need her

  3. Good news that you are stable and evidently doing all the right things. Keep up the good work. Your renewed walking will be helpful too. Jasmine is a pure treasure and comfort. I enjoyed the views you shared on the trip. Beautiful country.

  4. Jasmine is so sweet and I know you were glad to get that trip done. How great that the news was good and you can get on with taking care of yourself and your health. The flowers are gorgeous! Hard to believe how the fields are transformed in the Spring! Hugs!

  5. I'm very happy you have Jasmine in your life. And great reading on the bone density. That walking is good!

  6. I forget to say that the first time I was in California, a long ago March, I was stunned by the hillsides of wildflowers.

  7. That looks like a beautiful drive! Glad your check up turned up well. Thank goodness for Jasmine.

  8. Friends who care, and drive the extra mile, they are few, A real gem for you.And the results, good news too, as I look at your wide open spaces, and spring views, they in themselves are healing and bringing joy to all who drive past.

  9. What a beautiful trip. I'm so glad your osteopenia has not progressed, I have it as well. Doesn't your back ever hurt?

  10. Loved the road trip seeing all those wildflowers. So far up here there is nothing blooming - too cold. Soon I hope I see the dogwoods starting. Good news all around for you from your medical visit. Jasmine must be a great person to help you like this.

  11. Oh that is good news. Happy for you.
    Walking is good for your bones too. :)

  12. Jasmine is a treasure ...
    So pleased that it was good news from your medical visit.
    I did enjoy the photographs you've shared here.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  13. Having a great friend like Jasmine is a real treasure.I'm glad that the test result has put your mind at ease. That's a lot of flowers. the honey bees must be very happy.
    Stay well

  14. The golden Calif. poppies are beautiful. We live on the I15 when the massive flower bloom covered the hills line the road. So beautiful.

  15. oh my! I had no idea there were such wild flowers there.
    I'm so happy for you with the news. and the help of dear Jasmine.
    to have someone in your life who loves you! even 50 miles away. you're not alone.
    that is more important than we ever realize. sending you a healing prayer! XO


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