Monday, March 21, 2022

Two New Additions To Joyce's Herd


I was surprised and happy when Joyce drove away somewhere and came back home with this adorable pair.

Clearly bonded, they graze together, nuzzle each other and are just lovely to watch.  

They are young, heifers, who now have found a great new home where they will be much loved and well taken care of. One is a Swiss Brown, the other part Holstein, I think. I know very little about cows, but I think that's what Joyce told me. 

Joyce has focused on the Devon breed of cattle and earlier had some Guernsey cows and a lovely bull. The cows didn't thrive here and were sold. The bull was born here and we all loved him, he was so sweet. Unfortunately, he recently died after he had an accident and injured a leg severly. 

The Devon breed is sturdier and able to do well in our dry canyon with its cold winters and hot summers. All Joyce's animals get supplemental hay twice a day. Only burros could survive on what's available of nature's food around here.

I'm looking forward to watching these two grow up together.


  1. Hello,
    They are pretty cows, I would enjoy watching them grow too. Take care, have a happy new week!

  2. Is she rescuing? These are great pictures.

  3. inquiring minds want to know if these are pets/rescues. these tow have a huge grin on my face, they are so sweet and if i could beam myself to your house we could go pet them

  4. Awww they are so cute together. Glad they have eachother. I use to raise day old calves till they were just a little bigger than these two to take to market.

  5. I grew up with cows and calves, when I was old enough my job was to put the milk into a trough for the calves, and then to have a calf and the next year a yearling for the school Calf Club Day. These two need names, a great addition for Joyce's herd.I hadn't heard of Swiss Brown but down here there are Holstein, Jersey( pale brown) Friesian which were my Dad's main herd, Angus, Aberdeen Angus, Charolois, and more.I can see you will be watching with interest as these grow.

  6. So sweet. And it is wonderful that they will not be separated now!

  7. We had 3 milk cows, and they supplied us with milk, cream, butter. Good memories.

  8. I hope that the heifers will thrive with Joyce's loving care. It's been a few years since I retired from caring for our heifers and calves. The most new born calves I had at one time was 25, and I had to bottle feed them twice a day, and that was a big job among all the other chores I had to do at the farm. They just kept coming. It brings back memories, but I don't think I would be strong enough to do that job again.

    Take care,

  9. This is so sweet that joyce takes such good care of these animals. I believe truly, animals know and feel the love. And I'm glad she is your friend and you can go over there and enjoy it all and bring photos back for all of us.

  10. Hi Inger - so lovely to see Joyce has brought these two to her land, so you can visit and see them regularly ... excellent they've bonded. I look forward to more updates - cheers Hilary

  11. I'm so glad they have each other! everyone needs a friend in a new place. xo


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