Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Walking ~ Post No. 4

As I will post more often about my walking, I decided to number the posts. Looking back, this is number four, I believe. I'm looking forward to documenting my progress here. Hopefully, there will be progress. 

Right now I have so many posts that I need to begin posting every day to keep up. I don't have any more doctors on my calendar for awhile now, I should have time. 

Someone else walked here, someone big, not sure who it may have been. Our earth is so soft that tracks often disappear. I've seen no sign of bears for many years, but they live here too. I would rather have a bear than some strange dude hanging out on my land. 

This little juniper tree used to be so pretty before it got so dry that about half of it died. When there's not enough water, junipers can self-prune to kill off some branches in order to preserve the rest of the tree. This may have happened here. 

This is my angel dog Princess, my black Lab mix before Faith. Princess was much larger and probably a cross with Border Collie, this based on her interest and skill in herding, her incredible smarts, she rescued one of our dogs, who was lost in the mountains. Also her nose and ears look more like a Border Collie.

Princess and I used to walk on our land and I remember she was very interested in this. She would sniff and sniff. Faith couldn't care less and the thing, whatever it is, has deteriorated considerably since Princess and I walked here. 

The weather was warm today, March 22nd, as if it knew spring has arrived according to the calendar. 

Faith got quite hot after running aroud. I wonder if she meant to lie down in the shade of the juniper or decided to stay in the sun. 

All in all we had a nice walk. I don't feel much stronger yet and my back hurts after awhile. I need to find out where that broken bone is located in my back and what to do about it. 

Ack, the things we forget to take care of as we march deeper into our 80s! 


  1. Hi Inger - it's good to see you out and about ... I'm sure you'll get stronger as time goes on ... better to move forward slowly now. It's great to see your Princess and to find out her habits ... they're different, so are we ... strange old world. I expect Faith just wanted a break ... take care ... and perhaps some gentle warm-up, and then after the walk gentle warm down exercises might help your back. Cheers and happy times - Hilary

  2. Bob is having a hard time getting back into swimming and walking. he goes and then he stops going, walks a day and misses a week. this means I understand. Faith looks comfy close to the near by shade. Princess looks a lot like Faith. could the tracks be a cow of donkey? i dont see foot prints. I am with you, bears over men anytime

  3. I wonder if gentle stretching when you wake would be good? I do that while still in bed!

  4. Hi Inger! You don't have to be marching into your 80's to forget about things to take care of! 🥰 Your angel girl Princess was lovely, and that border-collie connection is always one that keeps you on your toes! And I'm sure it's nice to walk with Faith where you don't have to worry what she may get into. Enjoy your day!

  5. You are smarter than me Inger, about walking daily. I'm always so tired lately and I no longer have a doctor. I suspect that my thyroid medication needs to be increased.
    So many doctors have left their practice for one reason or others. I've met so many people who no longer have a doctor.

    Faith, your our faithful companion is always with you. I'm sure that she would defend you in case of danger. I hope that your spring and summer isn't too dry this year.

    Take care,

  6. Hello Inger, I am glad to see that you are out walking. Just take it slow. Faith will stick with you, no doubt!

  7. Faith, a great companion for your walks, I am guessing you have good shoes, I found the Salomon ones I have are not the best, and now the Skechers are so more " Shock absorbent" on the rough footpaths.Princess, a lovely smiling face.

  8. So glad you are continuing with your walking. You are inspiring me to get up and move more. I know when I do, I can feel the strength return. I'm marching deeper into my 80's also.
    We both could probably do with some Yoga stretching.
    Those foot prints are quite big. Me too hoping they are animal not man.

  9. Princess looks a bit like Faith. Wow, those are big footprints! Do you have any idea whose they might be? I agree, give me a bear any day instead of a strange man!!

  10. Happy to hear you continue with your walking. There is something new every day even when you walk the same way. Enjoy your walks and don't overdo.

  11. you inspire me. here the wind is so strong. but that is an excuse.
    it is easy for me to make excuses. my problem is being consistent!
    the sweet face of Princess is wonderful. sending you and your little love Faith...
    LOVE and healthy thoughts. XO


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