Saturday, October 23, 2010

Canyon Colors in the Rain

A soft rain has been falling here all morning and

as the canyon colors are changing to brown, rust and gold, I wanted to share the fall look with you.

My canyon pictures usually show a clear blue desert sky and

a dun-colored landscape.

This morning, the sky is gray,

rain is falling, and the clouds hang low around the mountains to the east.

On the ground the colors are deeper and

 the junipers a darker green. The dust is gone, the air is clear, and

that wonderful smell of wet earth, so rare here, is all around me. Needless to say, I love it!

Have a great day!


  1. We've gotten rain here finally again too! So we're both enjoying that fall/soaked-in leafy ground smell! Hurray!

  2. I love your beautiful area too.
    I have visited The West quite a few times and I never got tired of the canyons and mountain peaks. Greetings from The Tennessee Valley...Gerry

  3. I would think all this rain is unusual for you, but guess it's just as unusual for us that we haven't gotten any! It's so sweet smelling after a rain washes the air!

  4. Oh - and I too love the smell of the wet earth!

  5. We are overcast here too, and like you, we usually have a rich blue sky.

  6. Oh I love this landscape I can just smell the sage from here. If I ever get down to Temecula again I would love to come visit your place. We used to fly through Techacpi Pass all the time when we lived in CA and flew down to see my sister and our son. By air is was fast but I'm thinking driving is another thing. Nan

  7. My only visit to the desert was in 2001 when we were married in Las Vegas and rode motorcycles through the desert in April. Looks much different in the fall, but still very pretty.

    Thanks for sharing your Autumn colors with us. :)

  8. texwisgirl: It's the best smell, I think.

    Gerry: Thanks for the greetings, hope all is well in your part of the country.

    Sharon: We may get one rainstorm between May 1 and October 1. But from now on, anything goes, rain, hail, snow. Oh, I just love it.

    Fiona: It's the best!

    Terry: I know, those Colorado skies are similar to ours, but bigger, I think.

    Nan: Yes, please come for some tea.

    Nancy: How cool it that? Motorcycles through the desert. I'm in the mountains above the Mojave desert. You are so welcome I love to share this nature.

  9. I can almost smell it myself! You certainly described it so well. I have always thought the desert a beautiful place to live and your pictures just reaffirm my thoughts.


  10. What lovely serene pictures Inger! I mentioned to you that I spent a little bit of time in Arizona and I'll never forget the smell of rain in the desert--It was one of the more unique, refreshing smells I have come across in nature, and so different than when it rains here. Are you ever tempted to just go out and stand in it?

  11. This might be part of the system we are enjoying this weekend, Leftovers from Typhoon Megi.

    Professor Mass has some good discussion here, and at the bottom an image most people know showing the "pregnant weather mass" we are in now. Big enough for the whole west coast to share

    We are not getting winds, unfortunately. Sheltered by the mountains. That is always exciting.

    Soup making weather. wet earth and sage is a scent I never grow tired of. It is why I love the eastern half of our state.

  12. Ninny: Thanks Ninny and you are right except for the summer months. The rest of the year is wonderful.

    Kim: It was raining while I took the pictures this morning, so, yes, I go out and stand in it. Sometimes I feel like a kid again, so happy about the rain.

    Upupaepops: Soup sounds like a good idea. I will bake tomorrow though. We have sagebrush here, not sage. I understand they are two different kinds of plants. But you would know best. And they grow at the top of our land,up some steep hills, not down here. But the wet earth and the wet junipers smell wonderful.

  13. I love when a parched, dry earth is covered in rain.

  14. How wonderful! I can just imagine being peaceful. xxx

  15. It's so beautiful there as seen through your photos. This is one of the areas on So Cal I actually have never seen. OUr neighbor use to commute up there and work all week and then come back home here. One of these days I plan to take a ride and see your neck of the woods.

    Great photos, I enjoyed them. Our rain has not let up hardly at all. Very gloomy and I need a little sunshine soon.

  16. Oh no I meant sagebrush, I call it sage

    as in sage steppe

    we tend to shorten things around here

    or add "s" where they don't belong

  17. Stunning scenery! It does look a lot like our landscapes here in RSA! It looks like we are also going to have rain today, a good excuse to chop up a storm of veggies and cook some soup for hubby to come home to! Enjoy your day.

  18. Nice pics:) I just love the combination you have there: desert & mountains. It is my two favorite settings rolled into one. Enjoy your fall weather!

  19. Thankyou so much for the trip ~ the pictures and your description of them brought them to life ~ and yes I could almost smell the wet earth :O) ~ Ally x

  20. Beautiful! I like how a grey sky can 'pop' out the colours. Everything looks muted and blended together. Nice shots Inger. The air must be wonderful to breathe.

  21. Joyful: You appreciate rain so much more here.

    Tracey: It is peaceful.

    Sandy: Let me know if you come -- I'd be happy to take you to the Mountain Spirit Center.

    Upupaepops: We have a nature guy you would like who writes in our local paper. That's where I found out ours is sagebrush and sage grows in other areas, but not here. What I know about nature around here, I have learned from him.

    Liesl: I think it looks a bit like South Africa too after seeing your pictures.

    Rachael: Thank you, I will for sure enjoy it.

    Ally: You are so welcome to my little excursions.

    Jabacue: The pictures look so different from when the sky is blue. Yes, the air feels so good now. Gives you more energy.

  22. Beautiful photos. It always amazes me just how different the landscape of the US is. All so beautiful in different ways and always unique. You live in a beautiful area. Thanks for sharing these :)

  23. Rain is good! Even tho the sky was not blue, the pictures are gorgeous.


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