Thursday, October 21, 2010

Samson Plays Dentist

Samson Says:

OK, Soldier, I know you have some terrible teeth. And your lower front teeth had to be extracted? Hmm, is that right? And why was that? Oh, you were chained up to a doghouse before Daddy rescued you. So you chewed and chewed on the chain to get free. Soldier, that's a terrible story and I can understand why you are scared to have your teeth cleaned.

But I promise this will not hurt.

OK, open wide.

That's a good boy, Soldier, open your mouth.

Now, I will clean your teeth and make you feel real good.

Now we're all done. -- I'll send you a bill and I need to see you back in six months.

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed pup.


  1. Oh Samson, you're such a good dentist! So adorable!! You take such good care of Soldier, he's lucky to have you.

  2. As a person who cleans teeth all day, I think Samson did a pretty darn good job!! Just make sure Soldier gets a goody-bag with floss, toothpaste, and especially a new toothbrush and as a bonus, let him pick from the treasure box!! :-D

  3. I always think its funny how one dog always plays ear cleaner and mouth washer. Here at our house, its BB, our Rott/Border Collie mix that tends to the other 4...

    So sweet, that Samson.

  4. What a good dentist he is... does he charge a lot? LOL
    Amy :)

  5. That's really cute Inger, you gave me a good chuckle!

  6. Samson, you are a beautiful dog! And Soldier, you are a real soldier to have come through your hard past. Now all you have to do is put up with Samson playing dentist.

  7. Very cute:) I wish I had such a handsome dentist!

  8. Soldier, you have it made! How cute is this! I've never seen anything like it, Inger(I mean Samson).

  9. Good Job, cheaper this way too.

  10. That is adorable! Samson is a great hygenist! And Soldier such a good patient. May I make an appointment with Samson and will he take doggy biscuits as payment? :)

  11. That is just too darling, Inger! That Sampson is quite a hygienist and much more personable than mine!!!...:)JP

  12. My dogs groom each other, too..!!! Funny to watch...Samson is a good doctor....does he make house calls...??



    Chambray Blue: I like to clean teeth and ears.

    Kim: Oh, I will remember to give him a goodie bag next time.

    texwisgirl: It's good that you have a dog like me who keeps the rest of the pack clean.

    Amy: No, I'm real cheap. I mean inexpensive.

    Sharon: I'm glad you chuckled, but you know this is serious business.

    Terry: Soldier says he's got to keep up with a lot more from me, but I think he knows I love him.

    Rachael: Oh, thank you.

    Jabacue: I told you before, if you lived closer, I would help you clean up Sophie. Where is she anyway? She didn't leave me a comment!

    Nan: I like to do a good job on these dogs.

    Nancy: Yes, I like to get paid in biscuits.

    JP: I'm glad you think I'm good at cleaning teeth and I'm happy you liked my post.

    BlueRidge Boomer: No, my mommy doesn't let me visit. She thinks I leave too many hairs behind. But you can visit me anytime.

  14. i didn't know samson was rescued. lucky boy!! he's a cutie and i love all the pics you keep getting of them causing mischief inside.

  15. What a lucky boy Soldier is to have a nice life with you and Samson. Thanks for visiting my Journal.

  16. I'm back already...just read that you are from Sweden! My husband is 100% Swedish and I am 50%.
    We make Korv every December and follow several Swedish traditions.

  17. Ohhh this is so darn cute!! Love your babies!

  18. Oh, so sweet they are to each other. Nice pictures.
    Wishing you a nice weekend, and thanks for comment in my blog today:)

    Greetings from Berit.

  19. What lovely pictures and what a lovely story ~ our 2 dogs always look after one another but Barney is the one who takes care of Nin ~ they both had to have teeth extracted recently and it coat us nearly 800 pounds but of course they are both worth every penny and they are both so happy now since those bad teeth have been removed ~ Ally x

  20. Hi Inger,
    My Lilly does the same thing to Zeus. When I catch her I try to warn Zeus by saying, "She flunked dental school! Never trust an unlicensed dentist, Zeus!"

  21. Hopeful: All pets we have ever had were rescued, except our parakeet that we got for a companion to another parakeet that my husband spotted half-dead in the streets of Los Angeles and did indeed rescue.

    Lori: I suspected some Swedish background -- your last name gave you away.

    Sandy: Thank you so much. Like your new picture.

    Berit: The same to you. Loved that snow in Norway. Looks like it may start in Stockholm too. That's where I am from.

    Ally: I'm glad your dogs are feeling better. Soldier's teeth are really OK now.

    Kent Island Red: It seems Samson is really into the medical field, while my other dogs couldn't care less. Interesting to read about yours and the others. It looks like many dogs are just like Samson.

  22. This is cute. My dogs do this all the time and I love to watch them.

  23. How sweet those dogs are together.

  24. Samson, you are quite the dentist. Soldier looks like he is very grateful that you will clean his teeth.


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