Thursday, October 21, 2010

Samson Plays Dentist

Samson Says:

OK, Soldier, I know you have some terrible teeth. And your lower front teeth had to be extracted? Hmm, is that right? And why was that? Oh, you were chained up to a doghouse before Daddy rescued you. So you chewed and chewed on the chain to get free. Soldier, that's a terrible story and I can understand why you are scared to have your teeth cleaned.

But I promise this will not hurt.

OK, open wide.

That's a good boy, Soldier, open your mouth.

Now, I will clean your teeth and make you feel real good.

Now we're all done. -- I'll send you a bill and I need to see you back in six months.

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed pup.


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