Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures & Things

Thanks to all of you who have commented on my recent posts. As I stood watching the clouds Sunday morning, I thought that what I saw was unusual and I needed to get my camera. I loved seeing the ravens flying high on the wind and I believed I saw a lenticular cloud in the process of forming. It's thanks to my blogger friend Upupaepops that I even know what a lenticular cloud looks like. If you like nature, hiking, photography, flora and fauna, I strongly recommend you click here: Meandering Washington and visit her blog. You will enjoy it and you may learn something too. I certainly have.

This Tuesday, I want to share one of the early photos of my mother that I have been looking for and finally found. I have an enlarged photo from the same trip to the photographer's studio that I haven't found yet. But it is here somewhere.

My mother as a young woman, sometime in the 1920s or early 1930s.

And this is her favorite vase. She really liked this vase a lot. It is very unusual and prettier empty than when filled with water because water dulls the beautiful colors. As usual, I have no idea what this kind of glass processing is called. It seems to be a layer of glass upon another layer of glass somehow. It is fragile and I am glad I managed to transport it across one big ocean and one large continent, so that I can enjoy it here. Most recently I placed a bouquet of flowers Rachael gave me in the vase and thought about my mother as I enjoyed them.


  1. What a lovely picture of your Mother such a lovely pose ~
    and I do love your Vase it is so pretty ~ Ally x

  2. Hello Inger! I had a few problems yesterday that kept me from seeing your post, and I think you took amazing pictures! I also have to tell you that I really love Ravens!! My fondness for them started when we lived in Alaska--They are so smart and so fun to watch!

    Your post today is also an enjoyable one. Your Mother is just lovely, and she looks so natural and happy! The picture kind of reminds me of one that would have been taken of a 'movie-star!'
    The vase is beautiful too, it's so nice to have something of hers that you both enjoyed and loved!

  3. Hei Inger,

    Takk for hyggelig kommentar i min blogg. Det setter jeg stor pris på:)
    Her var det et nydelig bilde av din mor, og jeg kan godt forstå at hun var glad i denne vasen. Den er vakker.
    Ønsker deg en fortsatt fin uke:)

    Klem fra Berit.

  4. Two treasures today, both lovely.

  5. Your mother looks like a movie star in this photo, how lovely.

    I like the vase, but I am not sure what the process you describe is called, even though I work with glass-blowers every year. I will be sure to let you know if i find out.

  6. Lovely picture of your very pretty Mother! It does look like a movie star pose! I love the vase, I have a thing for colored glass and it isn't just windows :-)

    Think we are having your weather! Net keeps waving in and out. :(

  7. Inger, you're Mom is beautiful. I agree with Kim, it looks like a movie star shot. Love that vase as well. It is so unique and has made it so far! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love the photo of your mom! Looks like she's letting the sun shine on her face and just enjoying the moment... :)

  9. Don't you just love looking at old photos of your family? This one of your mother is lovely -- Miss America quality, I'd say! :)

    I'm a big fan of that type of glassware as well. I have a few pieces that I've picked up here and there -- the colors are so vibrant. Thanks so mch for sharing, Inger.

  10. Pretty and pretty...the mother and the vase!


  11. Your Mother was a very beautiful woman, Inger. I love that you have all of these pictures of your family, and that you look through them, and share them with us. I think that the vase is lovely, also. So bright, and cheerful!

  12. I love the poses in older pictures. They seem to artistic. Nice that you have a picture of her and better yet, the vase.

  13. To everyone: My mom would have been thrilled to read your comments, particularly the movie star part.

    Ally: Thank you so much.

    Kim: Oh, my mom would have been thrilled if she had read your comment. I have always liked ravens too and here I am in raven country. They are more common than sparrows here. And lots of fun to observe.

    Berit: How great, I get to read and understand at least most of the Norweigan in your comment. Tack sjalv, dina foton ar helt underbara. --Inger

    Terry: Thank you.

    Polly: You work with glass blowers? How interesting is that?! Please let me know if you find out.

    Sharon: Thanks so much, you may remember the picture of her mother, she was very pretty too. I hope the storm won't be too bad. The sun is shining here now, but it is still windy.

    Chambray Blue: Thank you so much.

    texwisgirl: Your words made me really miss my mom.

    Nancy: Miss America!! Wow, my mom would have been thrilled to hear that.

    Ninny: Thank you. Wonderful spare use of language. Wish I could be so expressive in a few words.

    Louise: I have many more pictures to share. It makes me look back and remember and I am having so much fun with it. It is great that so many of you enjoy them.

    Farmchick: Yes, I have quite a few pictures of my family. The oldest is of my mother's grandmother -- she was called Pretty Britta. I will post it sometime on a Tuesday.

  14. Your mother's picture is beautiful Inger. How special that is. The vase, is it just so pretty. I love the bright colors. I am sure it is invaluable and so glad it made the trip with you :)

  15. Inger,

    What beauties... your mother and the vase!


  16. I concur with everyone else: what a beautiful woman your mother was! And, the apple didn't fall far from the tree:)

  17. Such a beautiful mother. So nice to have her photo and her favourite vase too. It is a pretty vase and I agree it is better to keep the water out of it so you can have the full effect ;-)


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