Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Season at Murray's Family Farm -- Can Halloween be Far Behind?

I had to drive to Bakersfield on Saturday afternoon for a medical test. This meant a trip down the mountain to the San Joaquin Valley below. I decided to drive by myself to get over the fear of driving that sort of hits one after a car accident.

It's that time of the year, Halloween is coming up and pumpkins are everywhere. I decided to stop by at Murray's Family Farm, located at the foot of the mountain.

It was very crowded, lots of people and lots of kids. Here a woman is selecting pumpkins.

Pumpkins were everywhere.

In the large indoor store, I bypassed the apples

and headed for the nuts – I was after walnuts and I bought a pound.

I left through a side-door and came out on a deck with a view of sunflowers in the foreground and groves upon groves of fruit trees in the background.

There were rides on hay bales for the kids.

Scary critters and

cute ones in the petting zoo,

 raggedy dolls stuffed with straw and

a pretty display of fall fruits.

On my way out, I walked by palm trees and bougainvilleas. All so common in Los Angeles, but they don't grow in Tehachapi.

And isn't this gorgeous? Look at those vibrant colors!

Fortunately no one was behind me when I left the farm so I could stop in the driveway and take these pictures.

Some more bougainvilleas right at the exit.

The drive went OK and I even got tested with a downpour and a hale storm! Boy, was I glad I took the time to locate the windshield wipers on the rental car before I left home. I know I will be OK driving now.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.


  1. Looks like you had a lovely outing! I love all those pumpkins. Glad you were ok driving!

  2. It takes courage to drive a car after an accident and I am glad you decided it was time. Well done!

    Aaawww...pumpkins... I love seeing them everywhere, they look so radiant!

  3. Congrats on a successful the pictures...


  4. Glad you got back up on the horse, Inger! That Farm was just a great place to stop, wow, so many pumpkins! Did you buy one?
    Yep, I learned the hard way about checking where the wipers were on a different vehicle, very smart, Inger!


  5. What a fun store!
    Congratulations on getting comfortable driving again - that's a big step.

  6. Good for you for getting "right back in the saddle again" for driving.

    I love bougainvillas too. I have a potted one as they don't exactly make it thru the winter here on their own. :)

  7. Thank you everyone for your comments. This is what I love about blogging. I take my camera and stop at a fun place, take some pictures, and share it with you guys. It makes me feel happy and creative. Such a joy!--Inger

  8. Love these photographs..and so happy to hear that you drove yourself.
    I know the feeling.

  9. Glad to hear you are driving again. That is an important step. Love the pumpkin place. That is my kind of shopping trip!

  10. Peggy: Yes, I drove over 100 miles. It feels good to have that done with.

    Farmchick: Pumpkins are so cheerful, aren't they. And you are right, it's a fun shopping trip.

  11. What a beautiful market. A little bit of everything I'd say. Loved the fruit display....lots of variety.
    Good Inger, you're 'over the hump' as far as driving again. Good for you. The pics as usual are really good.

  12. Glad you got back on the horse, Inger. The drive down into Tehachapi was worth the trip. The farm looks like fun.


  13. What a great farm! Beautiful photos...thanks for sharing. Lizzie and I loved looking at them! Glad you tried driving again. Way to Go!!!!!

  14. WOW nice pictures, gets one so in the mood for Fall and Halloween. We will be going to a Pumpkin Farm next Saturday, as long as the weather holds out...I am really looking forward to it....

  15. pumpkins and apples are so abundant at this time of year...we have them as well...however Bougainvilleas are another story. We once had one-- of course an indoor plant-- which survived one year..oh well.
    Yes, pushing yourself to drive is very necessary are an accident..Daddy Ron had to do this in 2002 after a front sore for so long but into the car after 3 weeks...very important!
    PS tks for the 100th post kind comments!

  16. Hi Inger,
    Glad your driving experience was a positive one. Thanks for the pictures, too! Isn't Fall great?

  17. I love going to these kinds of places and just looking--even if I don't buy anything, it's just fun to stop because you never know if there's something you'll find that you can't live without! Glad you had a nice day Inger!

  18. Inger, what a beautiful place to go. Looks like so much fun and perfect for a fall day :)

  19. Everything looks so beautiful and the colours are just magnificent. I also like the brown mountains in the background. I see you really got put through a test with your drive and you passed with flying colours. Good for you!

  20. Your pictures have really put me in a Fall mood. And the flowers are absolutely beautiful. I'm so glad you were able to get out and drive again -- even if Mother Nature threw you a few curve balls. :)

  21. On the road again,
    so glad you are on the road again...?
    Back to your post. This is exactly my kind of place to visit.

  22. Glad you are back behind the wheel ~ it is always hard after an accident to have the courage to drive again ~ Loved the pictures ~ Ally x

  23. Jabacue, Ninny, Jeff, Tina, Sophie, Kent Island Red, Kim, Amy, Joyful, Nancy, and Polly: I am so grateful for all your comments and that you are glad I'm driving again. Murray Farms is a fun place. In the spring they have the best early green plums. It's a great place to visit on the way to the city of Bakersfield.

  24. Glad you are back on the road and the trip was pleasant and uneventful (except for the storm).


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