Friday, October 8, 2010

This and That

It was 30F at my house this morning. All of us are freezing, except Samson.

Samson has adjusted well. He is not moping for my husband, who is definitely missing him in LA. Soldier is jealous. He will come running as soon as he sees me petting Samson, but so far, no fits or fights over me. And, in general, they get along great.

Samson has huge feet. Samson likes to dig. He has inspired Soldier to dig. It rained a lot the other day and afterwards they were outside. Digging! 

This morning, same thing! He digs such interesting holes, small and deep and usually rectangular. Boy, I have to be careful not to step in this one before I cover it up.

Mommy says: "Now, Samson, you are a very dirty dog! How in the world am I going to get you clean? What? You said you will clean yourself up. OK, I believe it when I see it." 

Other than that, I am being denied medical care because I was in a car accident. Apparently doctors don't want to bill car insurance companies. It takes too long for them to get paid and it is too much paperwork trouble. So who cares about the patient – no one – surprise!! This is the first time I have ever been denied medical care and let me tell you, it's very frustrating. I know some of you have had this experience, but I have always had great medical insurance and access to the UCLA Hospital for all my medical needs. Moving to a small town, I had not expected as good medical care but this is ridiculous. And it seems to apply to orthopedic doctors in Bakersfield, the nearest big city, as well. My only option right now is to go back to our small emergency hospital and see one of their on-call doctors. I will do this.

Then I will do some more research, call some more doctors, and write an article about this experience. I will send it everywhere, but I imagine I will have to sit on it until I am well and my medical claim has been settled, but at least I will have the satisfaction of DOING something now!

Not one to stay mad for long, I am fine now.

Have a nice day, everyone.


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