Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mountain Spirit Center -- Part 1

First, a warm welcome to JP and my friend, Judy, two new followers of my blog.

Then we will go to a special place in the canyon that Rachael and I visited yesterday.

The Mountain Spirit Center, a Korean Zen Buddhist monastery, is located right here in the canyon. Rachael and I have wanted to visit it for some time now and yesterday we finally drove up there. A winding dirt road took us past some gorgeous canyon scenery.

The sign pointing the way to the center.

As we drove deeper into the canyon, the landscape changed -- the hillsides became very steep and junipers were replaced with fir and pine trees, the road lined with pine cones.

Buckwheat and gray rabbitbrush -- a hint of fall colors in the desert.

More beautiful colors, this time limestone and green sandstone on the side of a mountain.

Our arrival at Mountain Spirit Center.

This absolutely stunning structure houses a Peace Bell. 

Unfortunately, my photo of the bell itself did not come out. The bell represents Peace and the word is inscribed in hundreds of languages with the sentence "Living Together in Peace and Harmony" at the top.

Everything is hand-painted and absolutely gorgeous. Being intimately familiar with the sand and dust that's constantly blowing in the canyon, I wondered how they kept the colors so strong and clear and the structure so clean. 

There were two temples at the center.  This is the larger one.

We left our shoes outside and went in. Inside, we prayed for Rachael's grandmother who is critically ill and on life support. Then we sat for a while. I felt peaceful and calm after all the recent trauma.

Because of her grandmother's illness, it was a sad day for Rachael but this place made her smile. 

Part two will follow tomorrow.


  1. The bell structure is gorgeous! The temple is pretty too, in design. What a lovely drive!

  2. What a wonderful, peaceful and prayerful place!!! I'm glad you went there and looking forward to part 2...

  3. Lovely. I add my positive thoughts for Grandmothers journey.

    Green sandstone, a new one for me!

  4. I hope Rachael found some comfort in this special place.

  5. What a beautiful place. I'm sorry that Rachael's Grandmother is so ill. I will be praying for a positive outcome.

  6. Looks like a peaceful (and huge) place. A prayer for Rachel's grandma. Blessings.

  7. What an amazing place! How could you not find peace in such a beautiful and serence place with such a stunning setting? I'm glad your day was an enjoyable one and look forward to reading Part 2!

  8. What a special place to visit...that was so nice to tag along with you two, if only in blogland. Thanks for sharing...

  9. Thanks you Inger for sharing this very personal experience with us. The Center looks like a special, peaceful place. What better setting to pay tribute to Rachel's grandmother.

  10. What a wonderful place to visit. So pretty and peaceful I am sure. Days like that you don't often forget :)

  11. Kent Island Red: I'm glad you liked it.

    Sharon: Yes, it was a lovely drive and a lovely place.

    texwisgirl: I'm glad you liked this special place.

    Upupaepops: Sandstone at my place is turqois (sp?) and we have it in red, blue, green and the tan colors. I know Rachael will appreciate the good thoughts.

    Terry: I know she did.

    Kim: I think I needed a wonderful day out in nature with a good friend. I feel blessed.

    Tina: You are welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed coming along.

    Jabacue: You are so welcome and it is a special place, both the center and the location.

    Amy: You are so right, I will remember that day always.

    Louise: I thank you on behalf of Rachael.

    Joyful: I thank you also on Rachael's behalf. She will be so happy when she reads these thoughtful comments.

  12. Hi Inger & all your awesome blog followers: Thank You so much for your compassion & prayers for my grandma. I really appreciate it! The fact that Inger & I finally got to go to this place that we had talked about for years on the day that my grandma needed prayers was... well.. quite a miracle in itself. Inger: it's always a pleasure to have you as my fellow adventurer:) Again, thanks to all!

  13. Stunning scenery, that bell is awesome! Thank you for sharing that with us.Looking forward to part 2. Sending positive thoughts and healing light to Rachael's Grandmother.

  14. Rachael: You are so right my blog followers are awesome and compassionate people. It was great to see you, my friend. My prayers are with your grandmother.

    Liesl: Thank you on behalf of Rachael.


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