Monday, October 25, 2010

Clouds Before the Storm

I hope you are not bored with my nature pictures, because I just couldn't resist these clouds that appeared yesterday morning.

Do you see the two ravens flying high into the clouds? 

Then the storm came last night. There was a storm warning for the high desert -- I thought for today, but it came in the middle of the night. The wind blew so hard against my bedroom window that I couldn't sleep.

So I finally went into the guest bedroom where it was quieter. Just as I was going to turn off the bedside lamp, the electricity went off and the smoke alarms gave off a pinging noise that scared Angel into a shivering and shaking fit. And she jumped up in the bed, followed by Samson. Then she stomped around in the bed, too scared to lay down and go to sleep. At least she got rid of Samson, who was very cool throughout the storm. 

So I just stayed awake and petted her until she calmed down. And, in my mind, I changed my mind about going to town today. I knew I would be just way too tired. When after a couple of hours, toward morning now, Angel and I finally snoozed off, the electric lights came on, the smoke alarms pinged, and the phone answering machine started talking, and Angel was off on yet another fearful fit.  

Practical old Swede that I am, I realized that this was my opportunity to get some coffee and breakfast made. Everything runs on electric here and I didn't know if it would hold up or go out again.

I had put some old trashcans without lids behind the house, out of sight, and filled them with recycle bottles and cans. As I looked out the window, I saw one trashcan way down in our field, beer cans, water bottles, a wine bottle, three old phonebooks, and various cartons that had been in the two trashcans strewn all over the place and being carefully checked out by a flock of ravens. Those birds don't waste any time, let me tell you. I went out and picked up the trashcan from the field. It had been full, now it was empty. I didn't see but a tiny bit of all the bottles, etc., that I had stuffed it with, so I assume a lot of cans and bottles are now strewn all over our land. So I will have some fun later on picking up bottles and cans. A crazy night with very, very high winds and lots and lots of rain. And next to no sleep for me.

And I am happy the satellite dish didn't blow out of joint and all is well with my Internet access.


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