Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures & Things

Welcome Amy at Verde Farms and Dawn two new followers of my blog. 

I am overwhelmed by your kind and thoughtful comments on my post about my bullying experience. While I came through it OK, those who died did not. As Jabacue, my blogger friend who inspired me with his post on the subjet, said: This Has to STOP!

On a lighter note, Angel is so happy to have received so many warm and fluffy birthday greetings. Thank you everyone for wishing this wonderful dog well.

 Today's treasure is a Limoges plate, a wedding gift from Rosemary and Ed, UCLA colleagues and friends. I love the French country look and I have treasured this gift. I met many nice people during my 30 plus years at UCLA, some of them became friends, and Rosemary is a one of those. We haven't seen each other for many years now, but we still keep in touch every now and then. She is a very good person, helpful and kind. Rosemary's  influence got me a very good position in a very fun department, the last department I worked in at UCLA. I was there for about 16 years, so looking back, that was huge. Thank you, Rosemary, and I love the plate too.

A couple of more notes: After a frustrating day yesterday, my chiropractor came up with a solution to my medical issues, so I feel better about that situation (the one I am not supposed to talk about). Since I shared my upsets, I just wanted to mention that things are looking better.

The other driver's insurance approved a car rental for me, so I am now driving a nice black (not for long on these dusty roads) Dodge Avenger. I haven't driven a sedan for a while, not since my Volvo, but it's a nice car and I'm enjoying it. It's also large enough for me to feel safe.

Rachael is coming to visit tomorrow, so I will skip Wednesday's Book for this week. We plan to visit the Mountain Spirit Center, a Zen retreat here in our canyon, and one of the places I promised to share with you in my long ago post called Coming Attractions.

Have a nice day, everyone!


  1. Ahh, third time is the charm - been having a hard time getting the comment spot to come up, it just keeps saying weatherlet and a blank space. I hate computers some days....

    I just love your plate! What a pretty thing to serve goodies on! Every time you take it out, I imagine that you think of your dear friend!

    I'm with you on a sturdy vehicle! I used to have a Vega and that thing was like a leaf in the wind of a passing semi! I have a Le Sabre now and feel quite safe!

    I'm glad Angel had a good birthday!

  2. Glad things are looking up for your medical situation! (And that's a lovely plate!) :)

  3. Hi Inger, thank you for the warm welcome! How sweet that is. Also, thank you for the bullying post. One way to stop it is through awareness. You increased awareness with your post. Thank you so much!

    I love your limoges plate. It's so pretty. My best friend gave me a limoges tea set last year. It's so special.
    Enjoy your Wednesday,

  4. Inger, Limoges is so distinct from everything else. Beautiful pate and memories.
    Can't wait for your post on Mountain Spirit Center....holding you to it! lol

  5. I'm so glad that things are looking up for you. The plate is so lovely. I can just imagine it filled with little tea cookies and cakes.

  6. Sharon: I'm sorry you had problems. I did too when I wanted to comment on Kim's blog about Sam. I had to wait to the next day and then it worked. Bummer!!

    texwisgirl: I think things will work out.

    Amy: You are so welcome and I am glad to have met you. I can imagine your tea set is beautiful. Thanks for your thoughts on my bullying post.

    Jabacue: It's good to have good memories of old friends. You will get a report on the center, most definitely.

  7. Your plate is a beauty! Such fun discovering the world of Limoges. I have an entire set of Spode Billingsley Rose that belonged to my mother. Don't use it much 'cause I'm afraid of breakage. So it's neatly stacked away in the basement. Someday I'll bring it out and use as a tribute.
    Sophie's dad Ron

  8. Louise: The plate makes me want to have high tea with cucumber sandwiches and scones!!

    Ron: Hi Ron, I bet your place is a treasure trove. I always loved Spode china, but never owned any. Now I just have Fiesta Ware and my little collectibles.

  9. I'm glad things are looking up, Inger. Enjoy your visit tomorrow.

  10. Terry: Thanks I know that seeing Rachael will cheer me up.

  11. I also can't wait to read your post about this Zen retreat. I do like that plate.

  12. That plate is beautiful...a treasure!
    Glad things are looking up. (And yay for your chiropractor:))

  13. Farmchick: I'm looking forward to the visit and writing about the Zen retreat.

    Dawn: I have never been to a chiropractor before and I really like this guy.

    Fiona: Thank you so much.


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