Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures & Things

Welcome Amy at Verde Farms and Dawn two new followers of my blog. 

I am overwhelmed by your kind and thoughtful comments on my post about my bullying experience. While I came through it OK, those who died did not. As Jabacue, my blogger friend who inspired me with his post on the subjet, said: This Has to STOP!

On a lighter note, Angel is so happy to have received so many warm and fluffy birthday greetings. Thank you everyone for wishing this wonderful dog well.

 Today's treasure is a Limoges plate, a wedding gift from Rosemary and Ed, UCLA colleagues and friends. I love the French country look and I have treasured this gift. I met many nice people during my 30 plus years at UCLA, some of them became friends, and Rosemary is a one of those. We haven't seen each other for many years now, but we still keep in touch every now and then. She is a very good person, helpful and kind. Rosemary's  influence got me a very good position in a very fun department, the last department I worked in at UCLA. I was there for about 16 years, so looking back, that was huge. Thank you, Rosemary, and I love the plate too.

A couple of more notes: After a frustrating day yesterday, my chiropractor came up with a solution to my medical issues, so I feel better about that situation (the one I am not supposed to talk about). Since I shared my upsets, I just wanted to mention that things are looking better.

The other driver's insurance approved a car rental for me, so I am now driving a nice black (not for long on these dusty roads) Dodge Avenger. I haven't driven a sedan for a while, not since my Volvo, but it's a nice car and I'm enjoying it. It's also large enough for me to feel safe.

Rachael is coming to visit tomorrow, so I will skip Wednesday's Book for this week. We plan to visit the Mountain Spirit Center, a Zen retreat here in our canyon, and one of the places I promised to share with you in my long ago post called Coming Attractions.

Have a nice day, everyone!


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