Friday, October 15, 2010

Mountain Spirit Center -- Part 2

Part two of our visit to Mountain Spirit Center, a Zen retreat in our canyon.

The second temple was higher up on a hill with many steps leading up to it.

Inside were beautiful paintings of the Buddha's spiritual journey toward enlightenment and many  interesting objects.

And outside, me! Looking a bit weird with my crooked arm and too big jeans. My vanity and I had to discuss whether to include this photo or not. But then who cares? And I realized that it was, indeed, time for some new and better fitting jeans. 

A view from the little temple on the hill. Mountain Spirit Center is a peaceful, beautiful, and spiritual place where one can come and sit a while and be at peace. And the surroundings and views are lovely.

I was fascinated by the natural canyon rock formations in the background. They brought to my mind the ancient Buddha statues at Banyan, Afghanistan, that were destroyed by the Taliban.

Another picture of the rock formations. I like the way the roofs frame the picture. Not intentional on my part. Sometime photography is like that. More about that below.

A statue and native rocks. The monks used rocks to enhance the already beautiful landscape and buildings. Sun and wind generate electricity at the center and the monks take care to preserve the environment and, with that, the special spiritual energy that is so vibrant here.

A hint of fall color.

More fall colors.

Many young trees were planted all around the grounds, some in this fenced-in area. In the background you can see the charred landscape from a fire that broke out here last July.

A few times in my life I didn't know what I had photographed until the pictures were developed and here is another example. I had no idea the shadows were so strong and clear. The sun is very powerful here and it's difficult to see. Fortunately my camera has an old-fashioned view finder in addition to the LCD screen, but I still didn't know what the camera saw. Anyway, I'm very happy with this picture.

Large rocks and boulders were strewn across a field,

providing a little native critter with a place to enjoy the sun.

Rachael and I enjoyed our visit to Mountain Spirit Center and we will come again. I live in my own quiet, peaceful and spiritual place at our ranch, but I still want to come back. If you live in Southern California, I recommend that you add Mountain Spirit Center to places you may want to visit. It's only a 2-hour drive from Los Angeles, so perfect for a day trip.


  1. It looks so serene,I also love the pic with the shadows. BTW those jeans are fine!

  2. That is a beautiful place. The temples seem to be set so that they quickly become part of the natural surroundings. You can feel the peace, even through the pictures.

  3. I really enjoyed the pictures ~ they were beautiful ~ and thanks for the journey with you ~ Ally x

  4. You're right. That shadowed bridge is just wonderful! And all of the landscape and buildings look so peaceful.

    And hey - celebrate that your jeans are too baggy instead of the other way around! :)

  5. I wish I could visit there on a regular basis. Sounds and looks 'right up my alley'. That fire came pretty close to the center I see.
    Inger, the picture of the shadow on the bridge......something to be framed and hung.Very well done, even if you didn't know what you were doing! lol
    You shouldn't care about the loose look great.

  6. I really enjoyed that trip, Inger, it's so beautiful and peaceful there! Yep, that bridge picture is definitely a keeper!

  7. What a peaceful place.....had to smile at your fall colours

  8. Liesl: I'm happy about the shadow pic. Not so about the jeans!!

    Louise: The temples are sort of at the end of an open canyon. And they do fit in very naturally.

    Ally: You are so welcome.

    texwisgirl: I'll wear all my old jeans around here, but will get some new ones for visits to town.

    Jabacue: Thanks Jim. And I know you would love Mountain Spirit Center. A change from your ocean environment that would warm your heart and soul.

    Sharon: I'm so glad you enjoyed the trip. Blogging is so great for taking trips without leaving the house.

    Tina: Not exactly New England colors but I said "hint."

  9. I love when the camera and computer give me a surprise.

    This was a lovely journey . I thank you for sharing this peace with us

  10. Upupaepops: I love it too. I'm glad you enjoyed the visit.

  11. I've been MIA for a while and it took some time to go back and read all that I missed. Your posts and pictures are absolutely lovely. The desert has always been a very "zen" place. Love it!

    Hope you're feeling better,

  12. Thanks for sharing this. Really a place I would enjoy visiting.

  13. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful calming place. I wish I could visit! xxx

  14. I am definitely going to check this out! It looks like a wonderful place to visit. Thanks for showing the photos.

  15. Okay, beware of "glogrash". It comes on suddenly and causes hours of itching and then disappears completely in three days.

    WORD VERIFICAITON: "Glogrash"..

    My word verification for the above post caused me to have "glogrash"... I wonder if it is similar to "blogrash".. Okay enough silliness, ha.

  16. Ninny: I've been MIA too from reading blogs. Hubby is here and my car accident seems to be a full time job. Thanks for good wishes.

    Farmchick: I loved both visiting and sharing this place.

    Tracey: Yes it is very calming and lovely. Wish you could come and visit too. I know that would be fun.

  17. Sandy: Good it wasn't Blogrash! I'm glad you enjoyed the visit and if you can come in person, I know you will find it a peaceful and calming place in a beautiful natural setting.

  18. Hello Inger! I'm late getting here (internet and/or computer problems) and really enjoyed seeing more pictures and reading about your visit. I "englarged" the pictures and love the attention paid to the details and the artistry that has gone into creating such a beautiful and amazing place! Thanks for taking us along on your trip!

  19. Great pics, Inger:) Loved the shadow on the bridge one!

  20. What lovely, calming photographs. That is a special place - thanks for taking us along with you.

  21. Kim: Please don't worry about not being able to check in all the time. We all know how much you have going on add computer problems to that. I had problems too wiht my follower list disappearing. It seems OK now.

    Rachael: Thanks.

    Terry: You are welcome.

    AJ-Oaks: Yes, it could make you speechless!


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