Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures & Things

I have always liked native art and folklore and I have a few things from countries as far apart as Liberia and Sweden. I don't have much, but I like to surround myself with the things I do have. This little box, a gift from my friend Judy, comes from the Canadian North West.

The images of animals symbolize these powers and beliefs, according to information printed on the back of the box.:

Whale: Master of the seas.

Eagle: Giver of life.

Raven: Trickster.

I knew about the Raven, both from Native American folklore and personal experience. I live with ravens here and as I watch them, day in and day out, I have become both fond of them and mad at them, depending on how I'm affected by their tricks.

I have known Judy for a long time. We met and worked together at UCLA. It's funny, thinking back, how small things can leave lasting impressions that make you happy when you think back on them. Thinking about Judy, I remember how we took our sandwiches and sat on a bench outside the Law School at UCLA, eating lunch and talking in the sunshine, while little sparrows jumped all around, trying to catch our crumbs. So when I look at this little box, it brings back a treasured memory.

We had incredible thunderstorms here last night. I think the worst since I have lived here, with lots of lightening, thunder, rain and scared dogs. This morning, I panicked when I found no lights at all on my modem. Fortunately, they came back on after I unplugged it, left it unplugged for a minute, and plugged it back in. Phew....I have become so dependent on communicating with you all that I have no idea how I could possibly live without my internet connection.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Sorry about all the lightning and thunder there. We have 2 1/2 dogs that don't like storms here in Texas (2 are scared right away; the 3rd joins in if it gets really bad). :)

    Anyway, I had communication issues this morning too! My laptop lost its IP address and I struggled for 1/2 the day before I could get it to respond again after numerous resets, diagnostics, and a call to a lame tech support guy...

    Glad we're both back to normal!!!

  2. I have gifts given to me by students, fellow teachers, and family that always bring a smile. It's nice to have those things to reflect on good times in our lives. Your decorative box is very pretty. Glad the modem wasn't destroyed by the storms. We had storms last night too, but not too severe. We had a nice rain shower this morning. The fall mums needed it badly!! Happy Tuesday!!

  3. Cool treasure box and wonderful memories!

    We have rain coming in now, my internet is getting very iffy. Glad I finally got through!

  4. Oh, my. We even have a hint there might be lightning, and Husband and I start pulling out plugs, my MIL had lightning hit a tree by her house, and even that far away, it blew up most of the eletronic equipment. Needless to say, we learned a lesson. Like you, I would probably go stir crazy without my bloggy friends.

    I chuckle when you mentioned raven tricks. I watched an older and younger raven last summer. The younger raven had a walnut, and flew way up, then dove down to try and break the shell. (He didn't drop it from way up high, for what ever reason.) Did this several times, and the older bird kept squawking, like he was trying to get his attention. Finally, the young bird swoops down, drops the nut, yet again without breaking it. Old bird wings over, grabs the nut, launches up like a rocket, drops it from waaaay up high, on the road, where it breaks, then drops down cackles once, grabs the nut meat, and leaves. The younger bird just looked at the shell, and then at the old bird, confused.

    I hope he learned...


  5. texwisgirl: It seems like so many of us are having computer issues lately. I think my Angel is like your number three dog. She takes care of the others, but if it gets bad, she doesn't like it either.

    Jeff: I don't like to have a lot of stuff around, but I treasure the things I have that remind me of family, friends, or a special trip.

    Sharon: I'm glad you got through too.

    Cat: I have a lightining rod for the Satellite dish, but didn't think to unplug anything. Will do tonight b/c this weather is not going away today.

    I loved your raven story. They are such interesting birds. I will post something about my ravens here in a future blog.

  6. That's a good kind of treasure - one with a happy memory attached.

  7. I love the box -- my parents are both Canadian and I lived there for a few years as a child. Their native art is so beautiful and symbolic.

  8. That is an awesome treasure box. I really enjoy Native American artwork and design. I totally agree with you on the modem thing. I love being in touch with my internet friends. It is a lot of fun.

  9. Your box is pretty! I love thunderstorms! All that flashing and booming and blowing rain. What did we do without internet? I am tethered to my computer and panic if it doesn't work. Sigh, what are we coming to, LOL? I enjoy connecting with people, too!


  10. Would you believe we don't have thunder and lightning here in Alaska, at least this part of the state?
    These images are so Alaskan too you show here. Nan

  11. Beautiful box:) I love it. Like you, I love Native art - especially anything with animals. And, Cat's raven story was awesome! We learn so much by observing the natural world around us..

  12. Neat to have things that remind us of good memories and people we love.

    I know what you mean about losing connection:) I broke my computer (notebook) one day (by falling "gracefully" down the stairs)...I was more worried about my computer than my bruised body:)))

  13. Que preciosas cajitas,y preciosas tomas, admirable la nitidez. Un abrazo

  14. We lost our connection (Phone and DSL) for a day last week - we felt totally isolated! Turned our a farmer had "plowed up" the fiberoptic line. The joys of living in the Country I guess!

  15. Terry: Treasures with memories attached are the only ones I want to keep now.

    Nancy: I am glad you like my example of Native Canadian art.

    Farmchick: I think all of us who blog would feel lost if the power went off for a long time.

    Ninny: I bet you get some thunderstorms in Oklahoma. They are much more rare here.

    Nan: I can imagine the art is similar. Why no thunder in your part of Alaska? How interesting. We don't get much here either, but when we do, the storms are powerful.

    Rachael: I love Cat's story too.

    Dawn: With my bad luck, I'm glad I don't have any stairs to fall down. I hope you were OK after your fall, but I can understand your concern for your laptop.

    Jose: I understood everything, except la nitidez. Could anyone tell me what that means? Saludo...

    Retired Girl: I feel lucky that I'm still online after the storms we've had.

  16. I enjoyed the post and the Raven has visited me at times, but mostly the zebra.. Really..

    My animal that gives me clues to follow has always been a zebra.

    I enjoyed your post.

  17. Looks like Heida art. Very nice Inger. Native art has so much symbolism and spirituality. Wish I knew more about it.
    That sounded like quite the storm. I kinda like storms, as long as we are safe and sound, let it rip!


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