Thursday, November 11, 2010

This and That and a Jeep

The Jeep when it was new a couple of years ago.

Today, I'm driving the Jeep for the first time down the mountain to Bakersfield. I have an appointment with my endocrinologist and another for a mammogram. The Jeep will soon be my car to drive up here and though my husband offered to come with me, I feel a need to overcome this driving hurdle too and make it on my own. I may soon have to drive the Jeep back up here from LA and that will be so much worse as far as traffic goes. It really takes some time to overcome the fear of driving after an accident, but I will keep working on it as best I can. I am glad that the huge windstorm we had yesterday has subsided and take that as a good luck sign.

I am still struggling with getting the medical care I need. After spending the entire day on the phone, or so it seems, the other day, I have to talk to my attorney again and he now has to try to make the physical therapy place see me for the treatments the orthopedic surgeon prescribed. I still have pain, but it is getting better for the most part, and now I need to get my range of motion and muscle strength back in my left arm. I will write more later about doctors' refusals to see car accident victims because they do not want to go through the pain and hassles of dealing with the auto insurance companies. And of course they don't want to risk not getting paid. While that's understandable, I still am wondering what in the world to do!!!

We woke up to a very cold house and frost outside. It was a cold night in the canyon, but the sun is shining now and my husband has made a fabulous fire in our woodstove fireplace, so it's getting warmer already.

Have a nice day everyone and thanks for visiting my blog.


  1. I'm hoping the drive in the Jeep is uneventful and you get more comfortable behind the wheel again. I'll keep praying you get the medical care you need!

  2. Hi Inger!
    Oh, you could have him go, riding shotgun. Or does he use his back seat driver's license? Nice time for lunch out????
    Doctors and car insurance, yah, I know.... sigh...
    Driving in L.A. How many tranquillizers would that take? I believe I would rather take a beating!
    Have a good, uneventful trip!

  3. Oh I so love my JEEP.
    Glad to hear you are getting better, even if it is slowly. That with the doctors and insurance companies is so typical and yes so very sad, because it's people who suffer in the meantime. I hope you get everything settled so you can continue with your healing and recovery.
    I totally understand your fear of driving, it's hard to get back into the saddle so to speak after an experience like that...but you can do it. Hugs. Tina

  4. You can do it Inger! But slowly at first.
    Imagine, with something as basic as health care and every citizens right to receive it, that doctors would/could get away with refusing service! That could never happen here in Canada. It far from a perfect system (is there any?) but it works for EVERYONE!
    Hope you have a great day.

  5. Inger, I wish I could be there with you to give you some reassurance on driving the Jeep. I feel so safe in mine. It's old, but reliable & safe.Please feel better soon..:)JP

  6. Hello Inger! I'm getting caught up on your blog and so enjoyed reading your posts about the sweater and your younger days!

    I'm glad you're feeling better and feeling confident enough to get back on the road again. We'll be thinking of you and sending positive vibes in your direction that it'll be like getting back on a horse and you'll be just fine! Let us know how everything goes!

  7. I think Jeeps are cute. Hope you get back in the swing of driving without too much stress. I would feel the same way. For awhile I was shy of intersections because our daughter was waiting at a red light one time when two cars collided in the intersection; one spun around and hit her car. All she was doing was sitting there waiting for the light to turn green. During that hesitant time, one day a man from the car behind me walked up and asked me to pull forward more so it would trigger the traffic light to change. I was timid about sitting so far forward. But, I did move for him so the light did finally change.

  8. Thank you so much for your comments. I just came home and I'm way too tired and my shoulder hurts again to respond right now. But I will write about my experience tomorrow. My husband is going back to LA -- he's really motivated to get the truck fixed and smogged so I can have the Jeep. And, guess what, I loved driving it. More tomorrow. Thank you for all your good thoughts and prayers. You are the best! How blessed am I to have found you all on the blogs.--Inger

  9. Glad to see that you are trying to get back into driving. Take things slow!

  10. I'm so glad the trip went fine. That's a big step. I'm sorry your shoulder hurts. It takes a long time to heal, but we'll get there, Inger.

  11. I want a jeep...looks like too much fun.
    Hugs to you....take care of YOU.

  12. A cosy, warm fire on a cold day sounds like bliss. I do hope you are able to get the therapy you need!

  13. I don't know about your accident, but I agree with some of the others. Take it slow and you will be back to your comfort zone. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  14. inger,

    hope you are comfortable with driving again soon. and, i very much hope you get the physical therapy needed that puts you back to a full range of motion! stay warm up there this weekend. do you have a wood burning stove? hope so. something i wish we had!


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