Friday, November 5, 2010

Visiting, Part 1 -- Donkeys and More

My friend Judy came to visit yesterday. Judy and I worked at UCLA for many years and have been friends for a long time. As often happens when things change, we haven't seen each other much since I moved up here. Judy brought the lovely flowers and the book of photos I put in my sidebar.  Thank you, Judy, I love your gifts.

Let me tell you about the first part of our day. We started with a hike on our land.

Judy loved the desert landscape, the rock formations and the big sky.

My husband lent her a hat to protect her from the sun. It has been very hot here for November.

Judy has talked about visiting the donkeys at the rescue next door for a long, long time. And we  were finally able to make it happen.

The ranch manager let us in the enclosure with the senior and disabled donkeys.  Donkeys can live into their 40s and even 50s. Unfortunately, they often sustain severe damage to their hooves because owners don’t have them trimmed. (They will of course be treated after they are rescued, but the damage is sometimes severe. You can see that the light-grey donkey here is walking with difficulty as a result.) They also develop fat deposits from eating too rich a diet and they suffer many other kinds of abuse. My favorite donkey suffered from an eating disorder because she had been starved. It is horrible to imagine how cruel people can be to defenseless animals.

Donkeys are very social animals and they and Judy were soon getting acquainted and having a ball. Look out for that camera, Judy, someone's very interested in it.

I had fun too until this guy gave me a serious tummy butt with his head. I almost went flying. All he wanted was to be petted, but I, feeling a bit fragile, stayed out of his way after that.

Instead, I focused on this gentler donkey. I didn't check to see if a he or a she and it didn't matter, this donkey was so sweet and gentle. Oh, how I love them! These often misunderstood animals are among the best, the brightest, and most loving animals in the world.

 Judy soon found this to be true and

the ranch manager surely agrees, as he has perfected the DONKEY HUG! He showed Judy how it's done.

Before we left, I wanted to visit with some of the other animals I knew.

This little pig has grown a bit, I think, since I last saw her. There are several rescued potbellied pigs here.

Last, but not least, here is Julio, my absolute favorite goat. He is such a goat's goat, so personable, always trying to snatch something, if not food, anything goes. He is such a star -- he never met a camera he didn't like. I love him a lot and it was great to see him again.

I am glad we were able to visit the rescue so Judy could meet the donkeys and I could see some of my old friends again.

After our visit to the donkey rescue, we went to town for lunch at a Mexican country restaurant that has really, really good food. And after lunch, we took a spectacular drive up the mountain to visit a very special place. More about that in Part 2, which will follow in a day or two.


  1. Love those sweet donkeys and their goat, pig and horse friends too! What a wonderful place!

  2. I missed you! Glad you were doing something so enjoyable! I didn't know you were close to a donkey rescue, how fortunate for you!

    Have a nice evening!

  3. Oh how wonderful! Didn't know you lived near a rescue but so happy to see they are being loved and taken care of. I have donkeys myself and they need love and crave it. What a great day you two had. Enjoyed this post :)

  4. Looks like you ladies had a wonderful day, Inger. I'm glad you 2 were finally able to get together. It's always so great to be able to reconnect with old friends, isn't it? Enjoy your day tomorrow and I look forward to hearing about Part 2 of your reunion.

  5. Great post Inger! I love those donks! They are so giving even when suffering horrendious neglect. I am sure your friend had a ball!

  6. Thanks for the donkey tour that was great. Hope you gals had a good lunch and will forward to more posts on your adventures.

  7. Hej Inger, vad härligt det ser ut underbara bilder. Här hemma har kylan tagit sig ett litet grepp och förvarnar om den kommande vintern......... hoppas bara vi slipper den extremt kalla vintern vi hade senast.
    massor med kramar från mig och ditt Stockholm

  8. That would be fun! I love all animals, but am a little skittish around horses. They are so big and I'm never quite sure if they like being petted. But a donkey, now I would love that!


  9. Ahh, beautiful, Inger! The donkeys look so happy to have visitors! And of course, sharing time with long-time friends is always exceptional!

  10. What a great day you both had Inger. The weather looks perfect to me! Shorts and t-shirts!? In November. You have to love this.
    I am understanding more now why donkeys are loved by so many people. They seem very personable. And, that Julio looks to be quite the character!
    Thanks for this.

  11. Oh how sweet these longears are...what makes me sad too is the big neck rolls from being overweight, it never goes back to normal even after they are at the right weight. I love donkey hugs, so glad you went and posted pictures of your adventure so cute.Can't wait to hear about part 2 of your outing..sure sounds like a lot of fun. It's nice when you have friends you can share your interests with.

  12. inger - looks like a really fun day! glad your friend is visiting. what rescue is that - can you give the name? about a year ago we went to the "wild burro sanctuary" in olancha and stayed a few days in our rv and got to help out with the animals. burros are neat animals. have a great weekend!

  13. It's great to be back to blogging. I missed everyone and will spend the weekend catching up on your blogs.

    texwisgirl: it was fun to see everyone again up close.

    Sharon: I missed you all too.

    Verdefarm: I'm glad you enjoyed my post about the donkeys.

    KentIslandReEd: It was great to get together, finally.

    Liesl: Donkeys are the best.

    Nan: We had a wonderful day and there is more to come.

    Petra: Great to hear from you. I will send email. Hope the Swedish winter will be milder than last year.

    Ninny: There is nothing like donkeys to me.

    Judy: It is so wonderful when you can finally connect in person with your old friends.

    Jim: It was a record 97 in LA, but perfect 80 or so here. It is so great when reading blogs can open you up to new things, like how wonderful donkeys are, isn't it?

    Tina: I thought about you when I posted this. You and I truly have that love of donkeys in common.

  14. So glad you went back to the rescue, I'm sure it was healing and thrilled your friend finally got to share it with you.

  15. How good it is to get together with old friends.

  16. Hopeful: Donkeys/burros are the greatest, I think. I love them a lot.

    Retired Girl: Nothing that needed healing for me, just glad the bad vibes are gone. And animals are so far superior to people anyway, so it was great to see them again.

    Terry: Yes, I agree and I'm starting to make an effort to have people come and visit.

  17. So nice to read this post. My husband and I were just discussing getting a donkey in the spring! These guys/gals look very sweet. It looks like you had a nice visit.

  18. Oh my goodness - how strange it must have felt to be back there! Look at all those wonderful faces. Love that top photo. I can never get enough of the donkeys!
    How fun that your friend came to visit.

  19. Farmchick: I'm glad you enjoyed it. Donkeys are wonderful, you will love them. They do need a companion though, so think about getting two.

    Farmgirl_dk: I said it above, the bad vibes are gone from there and the donkeys are as sweet as always, of course. And the new manager is just great.

  20. Oh, I love donkeys, just as much as I love horses. I have been absent myself, and am now engaged in catching up. I'm glad to see that you got to see your husband for several days at a time, and that you have been having a good, peaceful "at-home" time.

  21. Oh my gosh look at all those wonderful donkeys. I know for a fact you were smiling ear to ear the whole time you were there.
    Thank you for sharing your visit to see the donkeys. :)

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